Anyone getting excited for the Bronco? How you think they might lease?



Just over a month or so before we get a look at the new Bronco. (Haven’t been this excited for a vehicle release in years, not exactly sure why). Just curious if anyone has an idea how well these might lease. Since they are a true body on frame, maybe on the better/excellent end like the F-150’s, or poorly like the Ford Crossovers (Focus, Edge, Explorer, etc.)? Though I’m sure it will be at least a year before any real incentives kick in.


It’s a Ford and a new model so will lease horribly, unfortunately.

If it cannibalises other Ford model sales it might mean other models could lease better though :grimacing:

I’m guessing it’ll be a similar story with the new Chevy Blazer (which looks really nice in the higher trims).


Do Ford’s ever lease well?


Just saw a bunch of reviews of the new Blazer. I’m guessing the embargo was lifted today and I just have one word. WHY!?

It seems so dull. I mean, I get why…another SUV to add to the line up but i’m really disappointed they didn’t take it further. It just looks like another Hyundai. It looks boring as hell. They will sell hundreds of thousands.