Anyone else notice this with replies?

Sometimes, when I reply to a specific post, I’ll see the little arrow with the username of the person I replied to in the top right of the post, but sometimes, it doesn’t do that. I can’t seem to figure any rhyme or reason as to why it happens sometimes and doesn’t happen others.

Anyone else notice this?

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Same here.

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I’ve noticed the following patterns of no arrows:

  1. When the reply is to the last post in the thread

  2. When using the generic reply button at the bottom of the thread


Yes, the systems removes the reply-to arrow if you’re replying directly to the immediately preceding post. Even if you intentionally do so by highlighting the post you’re replying to, as I’m doing now…

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Ah, I see. I suppose thats a non-issue as long as it still notifies the person of the reply.