Anyone challenge property tax valuations?

Kind of a oddball question, but has anyone successfully challenged their property tax valuations?

Requested a review of [SFH in San Francisco] property valuation in 2021 which led to a reduction in property tax assessment value. Used three recent neighborhood comps as evidence the area had slumped (thanks to COVID).

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This must be a Cali question, if I did that in South Florida I am sure it would go up not down. My home value has increased by 30% in the last year.


I did it the first full year in my current NJ home. At the time, their valuation was significantly higher than I paid for the house. I wouldn’t have known it was even an option but received a flyer in the mail from a law group saying they’d take care of it in exchange for (IIRC) half of the first year’s savings. I let them take care of it. Save me a couple grand that year.

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I did It Annually for my rentals in Philly. Sent in 3 low comps and they always accepted my valuations. So many people don’t contest that I think they just green lighted anyone that did the process properly.

Lawyers also specialize in this. I believe they do it on contingency and they keep a percentage of the first year savings.

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