Anyone been able to get a good deal on the Lexus UX?

I’m trying to help my mom get out of her current IS lease which has some months left. She wants an SUV and the UX is the perfect size for her. Only thing is, because it’s so new, it’s almost twice as much per month than the more expensive NX in terms of lease payments. I was wondering if anyone has been able to secure a good lease or knows of a dealer willing to budge on this?


New models generally don’t lease well because the assumption is that they’re hot and will sell themselves.

Even if you were to find a dealer willing to heavily discount one, the money factor (MF) is rather high at .00190, or 4.6% APR.

i checked leases on it also. The manager himself after running the numbers told me forget it. Too new! X2 much better lease for more or less the same kind of idea.