Anybody getting big discounts on 2016 mdx?

First off… YOU HACKRS ARE GREAT! This is my first post.:blush:
In in nj…
Does anyone have the residual and money factor #'S on 2016 mdx?
Also was wondering if anybody scored big on a demo…? I’m looking for a base awd… But I’ll pay for tech if it is sweet enough…
any and all help will be greatly appreciated!

If you want a great deal. Speak with the guy who got me my Acura tlx v6 tech. I pay 327 a month 327 due at signing (first month).

His name is Alfredo sierra

Tell him his annoying customer Hector sent you

Wow! Thanks. Sounds great!
How long did it take to get him to do the deal?

And do they do msd to lower the mf?

hecnotic mentioned tlx not mdx

Ya… Was asking for a friend…
The mf question was for both Tlx and mdx…

I got a 55% residual and .0070 mf. Seriously tell him I sent you. I promise you he will take care of you.

Do you want me to let im know your calling?

Edit: I was working with him for about two weeks before we landed that deal. He doesn’t mind speaking numbers over email.

Just shot him an email, let’s see what happens

Just spoke w him… Sounds like a nice guy… But he has no 2016 left