Any way around the GM rule of in state transfer only?

Has anyone ever been able to find a way around GM’s ridiculous rule of only allowing lease takeovers to same state residents?

You could buy the car and sell it?


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There’s no practical way around it

It’s not my car. I want to take over the lease from the current lease holder. The payment is much lower than a purchase would be for this specific car.

Lol, OK. Just thought I’d ask the group and see if there was a legit way around that for rule.

Open a business in said state?

Can GM leases be transferred from a person to an LLC. I know Vice Versa doesn’t work.

Yeah, I have i no idea. I would think doing that would decline the credit app based on too short of time at address though.


Personal to Personal

Business to Business

In state only if it’s a GM Financial lease