Any VacationHackrs?

:joy: that’s about right

The only place I inquired about so far, not far from Navagio beach in zakynthos. It was like $1650 but i offered 1100 on Airbnb and they accepted. Theres a lot available in all the places I’m looking to go, pretty sure this summer travel season will be way down compared to the last 2. Combo of people are broke and already got their post covid travel bug out of the way. The winter in Florida was a lot slower this year as well.

I’m sure there will be plenty of boomers however :joy:

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Depends how much you want to see but we go to Europe every year. We did 2 months trip last year (Greece and balkans) and two months right after covid (Italy/monaco and Greece). Having a rental car (a small one preferably), in my opinion, is the best way to see Europe. Pick 4 or 5 location around Italy and just do day trips from there. We stayed in Rome, Praiano, Tropea, Otranto and Florence. Pretty much drove everywhere from those locations and flew to places like Venice, greece and Monaco.
In Greece, stayed in Corfu (which is very Italian looking island), lefkada and halkidiki. Did island hoping from some of these locations but skipped mykanos and santorini. Crete is great. Some of the best restaurants are the cheapest ones, just gotta ask locals where to find them. This year we are doing Sardinia. Good luck and shoot me a message if you want me to share some of my favorite spots.

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Iberia 10% off on $500 and up GC

I think I’m flying that airline if I go to Barcelona first thanks! Thanks diversity!

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It will be significantly calmer (and cheaper) anytime after mid August in Greece. September would be even better as everyone is back at work/school and the weather is still perfect. Cyprus is dope too

If it was up to me we would be doing August and September but apparently we have to be back early September so my 3 yr old can finger paint and whatever else they do in school at that age :joy:

We’ll see I have a feeling once we get there I can convince my wife to stay into September


KLM (if it’s not clear from the code)

Any must see islands/beaches anyone can recommend?

Starting most likely in Barcelona, then heading east through south of France, down Italy, then Croatia and Greece.

Kind of overwhelmed on places to go. I don’t want to be moving around so much that I can’t enjoy the moment. I was thinking 8 destinations would be perfect over the 6 weeks I’ll be there approximately.

Def going to Crete. Thinking maybe Mallorca for a few days as well from barca.

I don’t know if this helps, but I hated the beach we visited in Nice, and was glad that we were only there for one night.

There’s probably more than one beach, but the one closest to the city center was oversaturated with people – and the sand was completely littered with rocks that were just large and plentiful enough to make it impossible to enjoy walking, sitting or lying down. :smiley:

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I don’t plan to spend much time in France, just along the way to Italy. I did want to see Monaco/monte Carlo/cannes so maybe 2-3 days in that area.

Take the train down the Italian Riviera from there. See Cinque Terra, etc.

Not really seeing much point in Barcelona as your starting point. Maybe Paris followed by high speed train if your kid would enjoy that.

$300 direct flight vs 700 to Rome. I did a semester in barca in college so would like to see it again for 2 days also. Paris has the Olympics going on so prob steering clear

I’ll check out the recommendation on Italy for sure thanks!

If you take the train in Rome, be careful they pickpocket ppl as you get on train.

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This is going to be almost as bad as when @IAC changed his profile pic, which I preferred the Texas one for the record. :laughing:

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Trying it out haha. Hopefully Toyota doesn’t send me a cease and desist. Maybe just upgrade finally to a new tundra pic

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I’m sort of hoping for sweet lease deals on either the Tundra… or the new 4Runner :smile:(when released), but Ik that is probably really pushing it. I also don’t know if I could live with a 6 cylinder Tundra.

I sourced new Pro’s for my aunt & uncle back home, but I haven’t been around to test drive them (yet) lol. Sweet trucks from the photos though. Black on black Tundra, and black on red Sequoia. She had her heart set on getting LR after being pissed about the depreciation on her Armada Platinum. I talked her into the Sequoia and she thankfully listened. :laughing:

Saint-Rémy-de-Provence is a great quiet but sophisticated village if you need a break from the coastal vibe/hordes - we often rent a house with a pool within walking distance of the village center. Vallon de Valrugues is an awesome hotel for a shorter stay, and nearby L’Oustau de Baumanière is worth a trip for a lunch or dinner service.


Literally any island. Just dont go to Santorini or Mykonos as they are the 2 most over rated (and over priced) islands in Greece. If youre going from west to east…maybe check out Zakynthos and Kerkyra (aka Corfu). Right across the street from Italy