Any VacationHackrs?


Yes I know it’s basic economy-I don’t really mind restrictions and even the $317 price on AA is $80 less
I did use Amex points for the whole trip but if I had to buy I’d go AA direct vs Amex, no brainer for sure
Again, thanx for the check up, I still have $121 credit till March 2024 that I wanted to use for LAX-LAS a short trip still $350 with Amex AA vs $88 I can book on Delta for same days, so may forfeit that $$

Just make sure to do periodic transactions (I generally do a small one every 1-2 years) on each card to keep them active. Particularly on really long-standing ones. Only issue I ever had was Wells Fargo shutting down my oldest account from when I was in college, but good riddance and I’m lifetime banned from WF anyway so it ended up not mattering.


I’ve had old cards be closed by Citibank and old gm card who both reopened (without credit pull or change to credit line) without issue. I wouldn’t recommend counting on it but I’ve had success