Any tips on Dodge Charger SXT AWD lease

Any pointers on getting a better lease deal on a 2019 Dodge Charger?

Based on the discounts for financing the vehicle, I thought it would be a great target for a lease hack…but lack of transparency from the dealers is making it hard to find an attack vector.

The base models are running $10000 off to purchase. So a $35k MSRP is SELLING for $25k. But these incentive evidently are not valid for leases and the lease price ends up $5k higher.

I was able to get one dealer to talk to me about lease parameters. They gave me the RV is 52% and the MF is .00042, but it’s hard to decipher anything about what of the $10k off the car is a dealer discount, what is a purchase incentive, etc.

I’m getting numbers for a 36/10k lease sign and drive of $350/month or with $1500 down, $310/month (Which is strange as its a few bucks more over the life than the sign and drive.)

Any tips. What info do I need? Where are the best places to bring this down?

I know they deal with Chrysler Financial, Ally, and US Bank. How do I get their parameters on this?

Does this stuff work unless you can find an open dealer?

I’ve been trying to lease a Charger scat pack. The leases on these are horrible. The power dollars do not apply to leases. Last I tried they had 4000$ through us bank with a mf at 7.5%. Best to wait on this until next month to see what they offer

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Might just be time to buy instead of lease this vehicle. How did you find the details of the US bank offer?

Through edmunds and I received a few qoute through the dealers telling them to tell me about idl cash … but it wasn’t worth it my payments were still going to be extremely high. Right now would be better to buy. I’m just going to wait it out not in a rush myself the deals are coming