Any Suggestions on lower-end 24 Month Leases

What are some of the cheaper options available right now worth focusing on for a 24-month lease, with $0 drive-off ~low $200/month or less. Sedan or coupes (coupe would be great but imagine tough to get at a cheap enough price all-in)?

SoCal area. Giving back my Camry lease soon and thinking I may want to change it up. Any suggestions on cars you’d recommend? THANKS!

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Have you considered extending your lease for 6 months? Toyota does extend for free as one time courtesy

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Since you are leasing a Camry, you can get a good deal on a GM Cruze… Looks like they are going for 150 a month after discounts and rebates

If you need the room, the GMC Terrain is hard to beat as the lease hacker deal quotes about a $1000 down and $180/mo which translates to around $0 out of pocket and about $210/mo X 35 remaining payments.
Otherwise the Buick Encore a great lease this month but it is a subcompact, you’re in a midsize now.

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Yep, this is coming up on the end of the extension - wish I could do it again and have more time to consider other luxury options but since I can’t decide, I would rather get a stop-gap for next 2 years or so since I travel alot without my car anyway.

Did you read through the forum at all? TONS of threads on this.

Yes, I did. Thanks for the value add.

I know there are a lot of options but I was hoping to get some thoughts and opinions on which cars people like over others - not asking for the pricing but more for favorites.

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Chevy Equinox is the best car we’ve ever owned. Chevy nailed the 2018 redesign


I think you can get most compact cars for under $200/mo. I just leased a VW Golf (which is generally known not to have especially good lease deals) for slightly under $200/mo before tax (plus a few hundred in drive-off fees). You should be able to do way better than that on a Cruze, Forte, or Elantra.

I am on my second Chev Equinox. Very well built. Economical. Plan to get another in November.

Do you have the 1.5T or the 2.0T? We snagged an old model 17 LT w/the 2.4 last year during the fire sale. The car itself isn’t bad, but we’re counting the days until it’s up next year, as the engine is a complete dog. I’ve driven the new 2.0T in the Regal, and it’s a strong and capable powerplant. The 1.5T has comparable specs to the old 2.4, so concerned it would be a dog too. Getting the 2.0T, however, with options, pushes it close to 40k, and I’d look elsewhere at that point.

We have the 1.5T and had the 3.6L V6 in our 2016. The V6 sucked gas worse than our old 2004 Honda Pilot, but it did have great pickup and was fast. The 1.5T never feels short on power, delivers good acceleration, has enough passing power, and gets around 25 MPG with a lot of city driving. Much quieter when accelerating than the V6 as well. The 2018 is also about 300-400 pounds lighter than the outgoing model which helps a lot. I’ve never had an issue passing on the Parkway going 85-90, so I would say the 1.5T is fine for most people.

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I’ve got what I believe is the same Turbo 4 in my Malibu (which somehow weighs about the same as the Equinox!) and I’ve very rarely felt like it was underpowered.

Thanks…guess I’ll have to test it out. The 2.0 was fantastic on the highway when passing. You could feel the boost kick in, little to no turbo lag, and it launched with ease, so I’m somewhat “spoiled” with that mill. I’ll have to check out the 1.5

If you have an LT or lower trim, it’s the 1.5. Premier is the 2.0.

Yeah it’s definitely the 1.5. I skipped the 2.0 because I didn’t want to pay for premium and the mileage was considerably worse in the 2.0.

I got a quote yesterday from Tustin Buick for a 2018 Encore Preferred for $199 (after San Diego taxes) a month with zero down and zero at signing or customer cash. Its for 24 months with 12K miles a year. My wife got the 2018 Equinox LT with tech package at $252 a month but a bit more you want to spend. Not 2.0 turbo but the smaller one. It does its job around town for the wife and gets decent gas mileage (a bit better than her 2014 Kia Soul).

It’s 142$ with 0 down

Very last sentence from LH:

“It translates to $135 per month ($145 per month after tax) and $998 in drive-offs.”

The good news three friends took advantage of the Encore deal (for month or March) and got the cars delivered to their homes for free (form LA to San Diego):

  • 2018 Encore Preferred FWD White is $189 a month with zero down and zero at signing/customer cash or 12k a year at 24 months (included roof rails).
  • Same car but 15K a year was $221 a month in black on black.
  • A red one with dark interior with 12/24 was for $199 a month with 12/24.
  • Trying to get my friend’s daughter get one too but they need to test drive. Its will be dark grey exterior. If they get before next week ends then they will pay $199 with zero at signing and zero customer cash.
    Two of them test drove the GMC Terrain (SL1I) but did not like because it was a bit cheap looking inside and power was not good.