Any Logo Designers Here?

Would love to pay someone to design a logo for BostonCarConcierge!

Please PM me with your costs and brief ideas.

I think there are not expensive services now online.
I think 99design or something like that.
Need to check my notes - heard ads on some podcast

Fiverr is an option


My thoughts exactly. Some super talented people on there for very reasonable prices.

+1 for Fiverr. I’ve had a lot of stuff designed there, but you gotta either have a great idea of what you want and be patient if you want to cheap out (most of them are sellers in countries that don’t speak real English well) or be willing to pay a little more.
A person I use a lot on fiverr that has fair prices is “gemmadigitalart”


Just looked it up. Wow! Awesome website!
Thank you all

Paying Strangers to Do Weird Things

(skip the podcast promo at the beginning)

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Do they assign all rights for the logo design to you? Otherwise, who stops them from claiming it when your business becomes multi mil business?

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It will say if you get the commercial rights or not. Some sell it as a package or an add-on, but it’ll be in the description of the gig.

I’ve been using Logo Tournament since 2009 for multiple projects. More than sites like fiver but you get what you pay for. Also ability to do anonymous listings (so the contest doesn’t come up in search before your website).

@Bostoncarconcierge Fiver is a great site but if you dont find what your looking for i have a great guy who did ours cheap.

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