Any Lease Hackr friendly dealers in Arizona?

I’ll be looking to lease a new vehicle soon and my preliminary research has my head spinning a little.

Ive inquired thru Truecar (Big mistake to give out personal info) and Costco. My inbox exploded with junk offers and robo emails.

My question is has anyone in AZ had a positive experience hashing out a deal with anyone locally?

I see the screaming deals from CA and wonder if they can be replicated in the Phoenix area without too many headaches. I got great credit and am not looking to break anyone’s spirit just looking for a legit dealer who knows how to be transparent and wants to make a deal.

Thanks for any info you may have.

I live in Scottsdale and I am looking for an entry level luxury vehicle as well, haven’t found any screaming deals yet. Talking with many different dealers but no luck yet.

I got two hackr worthy deals in Phoenix in last one year, one for QX60 and other for Equinox. It was with lot of negotiations though so it may give little headache:slight_smile: to get great deal, I used VPP and GM discounts to get to a hackr worthy numbers. I will PM you the dealers as I am not sure if I should put in open forum. But in a nutshell deals similar to CA are definitely possible but requires back and forth and haggling, and not straight forward like some of the CA dealers.


Had to go over to California to pickup my latest lease because the AZ dealers couldn’t touch the payments I was getting from there.

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Could you please PM me those dealers. I live in Scottsdale as well.
Right now, I am interested in BMW, Infiniti and Alfa Romeo but would consider other brands if the price is right.

Thanks in advance!

You are way better off going to LA to source the vehicle. I have done this many times. The latest is a Lexus, I showed the numbers to a local dealers sales manager who scratched his head and said he would just buy the Ca car if he were me. His “best deal” was $3587 more or about $100 a month on a 3 year deal.

Alfa in North Scottsdale gave me best deal, and infinity north Scottsdale as well.

I haven’t pulled the trigger on those. I’ve got a lease on a chevy for half total cost of alfa or Infiniti which was a better decision for me. I leased at Van Chevrolet.

Good luck.

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What did Alfa offer u in Scottsdale how much off msrp I am in Arizona also but have not tired them only tried Tempe

For a 2017 Giulia Ti
MSRP $41,940
39/mo, 10k
$3k down
Rebate as Cap Reduction $4,500
Fees & insurance $1,080
Base payment $$415.93
Total payment $448.99
Purchase option $20,131

So sticker just rebates that’s what those numbers look like

That above should be the monthly payment without the $3k down, right? Less than 1% under MSRP. Do you see any other red flags on this quote? Thanks

That’s if they take 3k off Tempe is offering 3500k off I am trying to get 5000 off what they offered you is horrible sticker 0 off and just rebates which is covered by the manufacturer

And this is from the other guys in AZ. Those numbers on the right are very confusing. can someone please help to understand. Thanks

I really don’t remember it’s been a while. Something like 2k down low $400s on 40k car

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When I lived in both Phoenix and Tucson, I was never able to get the local dealers to be competitive with California dealers. So I went to California for each car — it’s not too bad, and you can make a vacation out of it.

I would have loved to support the local economies, but not when it’s $100 per month difference.


No one is probably seeing this post any longer, I am in Phoenix, work for a Subaru & Mazda dealer, I can assist with lease questions.

No dealers in phoenix give great deals. Got a good deal at tempe kia a couple years back but it was ridiculous work.

I always go to socal

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Hi Michael

I saw your old post on LeaseHackr. Are you still able to help with lease questions? I am interested in finding out more on deals in AZ on the Subaru and Mazda as well and just posted on the forum