Any info on a terrain lease in NJ $199 a month!”?

So apparently here in NJ gmc is offering a terrain for $199 a month with $1500 down I have no further info as I’m going to the dealer today to look but anyone on here able to work something out with gmc?

use the search function on this website and type in “terrain” to search for recently posted terrain deals.

Not sure I understand the point of this post. If you saw the dealer advertise that price, just ask them for more info and try to work out a deal…

I was looking for a broker to get me the car

It sounds like you are quite new to leasing. I would slow down and take your time so you do not get hosed

No I’ve leased my last 4 cars I’m new to this site and learning about how a lot of this works and I’ve done a pretty good job at getting some decent deals on my leases spwciafically for the NJ area

I’ve read about a lot of deals other post have claimed but yet the same deal is never aquairable again when you call the dealer and run the same numbers

Yes because residual values, MF, incentives, ability to discount all change monthly. Ensure that you are looking at recent posts. Faulkner in PA is very aggressive and is offering $259 a month with everything included for 39 months. Because you mentioned you wanted to find a broker (which means the post should have gone in the “wanted” thread), you might want to get in contact with them. Not much higher than whatever deal you apparently saw.

@nyclife is reputable broker in your area, contact him if you’re looking for a broker