Any Hackable small SUVs with good safety tech for $300 per month?

My daughter’s CX-5 lease is ending soon and I am having a hard time finding something comparable to replace it with. I am paying $340 per month (tax included) for her fully loaded CX-5 GS and would like to find a small to mid-sized SUV at or below the same payment. It needs to have Blind Spot Detection and Apple Carplay. Thinking about a Tiguan, a CX-30, or Kia Sportage, but am open to anything else that might be hackable at the moment. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I am in the Los Angeles area.


Hyundai kona it honda hrv should be doable in that price

got you cheaper on the Equinox LT or base premier. Blazer somewhat close :raising_hand_woman:


Have you considered leasing another CX5? I recognize that inventory and incentives/loyalty and key variables (RV and MF) are likely different now, but back in November, I got my father another CX5 GT.

I shopped multiple SoCal dealers at the time.

That’s a great deal. My daughter actually loves her CX-5. Will reach out to Patrick. Thanks for the info!

Thank you. Will check those vehicles out.

Not familiar with the Chevy lineup but will check them out. Thanks!

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ended up with the CX-30 for about that monthly. Highly recommend @AutoNinjas when dealing with Mazda

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Another cx5, crv, rav4, tiguan, compass, and terrain

Sounds like you’d like something on the larger side of compact. The Tiguan is a great choice. The base model Tiguan S has CarPlay and blind spot monitor standard. There’s a SoCal dealer on here that has one for $218 with drive offs, but you may need to go up a tier in miles/yr.

We have a 2019. The the back seat has a ton of leg room and can be moved fore & aft. The only major downside is the 3rd row is standard on FWD models, so you lose a bit of cargo area depth, but still plenty of space.

The Equinox is a good choice too, but you have to go up to LT with comfort/convenience package to get blind spot. But it has a ton of content. But sounds like Trish can still get you one for ~$300.

As others mentioned, a CX-30 with the loyalty offer, might end up being a pretty good offer as well. Though I dunno if cheaper than the Tiguan and you do need to step up a trim to get CarPlay (not sure about blind spot).

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Great. Thanks. The CX-30 has a lot going for it. We really have enjoyed the CX-5 a lot and I have been impressed with the overall quality of Mazda as a brand.

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Last time out, the Tiguan felt a bit big for my daughter but I think she is warming to the idea this time around. Will definitely check it out.

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i took my first real drive today and I absolutely adore my car. Definitely consider it.

You should be able to get a CX 5 GT with 0 down around $300 month with current incentives.