Any great leasing special on BMW 5 series xdrive?

Hey guys I am looking to lease a new car, I am looking into BMW 5 series xdrive. It would help if anyone has any advise or recently signed a lease on similar car. I saw one member(discountsales2020) post deal: 2018 BMW 530i xdrive M sport 12k/36 month $549/month! MSRP $62785 Tri-State. Do you think this deal is possible replicate?

Anything is possible to replicate or even beat. It’s all about doing your homework and casting a wide net in the world of dealerships. You would have to do this yourself, pointers and advise can be given and good dealers that have cut good deals too, but again, you have to do the homework yourself. If not, reach out to one of the brokers on here.

Good luck.

Thanks, I did reach out to few different dealers hopefully one will be able to help w a great deal.

It’s going to be tough in this area unless you have loyalty, fleet, and an OL code. The holiday cash $2000 at the end of 2017 really helped, and I don’t it’s there anymore. I would wait until the incentives get better if you can.

Wait until June. The 5 series will be better then because it’s quarter end.