Any Good TX Lease Brokers?

Anyone have a good leads for a lease broker in DFW area (Texas) ?

@Benedetto advertises “The lower 48 states”, although I don’t know if he’s updated that to exclude Texas for some reason.

I’ve have not excluded Texas as I have done and been doing business in Texas for some time.

I’ve seen someone post the rules regarding Texas for ‘brokering’ that seem to exclude it.

However - I’ve had two Texas stores take my info prior to sale and I’ve done repeat business with them.

I made a post about that type of situation before, here.

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The state laws definitely prohibit it, but I’ve only been in the US 2 years so I don’t know how state laws apply when you reside in a different state. I’ve seen a couple of people in Texas try and get around it by only accepting payment via Amazon gift cards but the laws still cover any payment that isn’t salaried according to my lawyer.

Honestly - I’m just not that concerned about it.

My business is setup through the state of Michigan which does allow it and I’m setup for it.

I’ve passed my info to anyone who has asked before(including in Texas) and I’ve never heard a complaint.

If I’d ever received notice from any regulatory body, in any state, I’d look at my options and deal with it. If that meant I had to eliminate a state from my workable area, I’d just drop it and move on.

As of now, I have not had that popup. I’ve been doing this for 7 years and have never had a claim against my bond or business.

To me, it’s not a problem until it becomes one. I’ve got the structure in place to cover a customer should there ever be a issue.

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Yeah, if I wasn’t based in Texas and didn’t only have a work visa (which is contingent on me not getting into trouble legally while here), then I would be doing some brokering here. It’s a crazy, anti-competition law, and ultimately you’re doing business with the same dealer chains who have managed to get this law passed to try and stop that business happening so if they don’t care no one else should.

I do worry more when I’ve seen a couple of sales people from Texas brokering deals from other dealerships on the side. In that situation they’re taking a bigger risk as they have no geographic buffer and are only 1 crazy customer away from being reported. Who knows what would happen in those situations though.

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That’s great because I’m in TX and I expect to hit you up in about four months when I’m almost done with my current lease.
Hopefully nothing will change in the meantime!

Thank you , i have sent you a direct message .

Upside down on a Cadillac XT5 buy $15000. Want an Explorer or BMW X5. Can you work with either of these in a 60 month lease.

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