Any good deals for a T8 S60 r_Design in SoCal

Is this a good deal for a 2019 T8 S60 R-Design?

The MSRP is $57,380.00
Discounted Price: $34,327.57
Money Factor: 0.00192
Residual: 43.00%
Term: 30M
Miles: 12K
Total Drive Offs: $1200.00
Total Monthly Payment: $510.00 (including tax)

That’s a really solid discount. The residual sucks (which you can’t change), and the MF might be marked up (not sure what base Volvo mf is), but I’d personally be happy with the deal as is if that’s the actual discount… It’s a really nice car.

Are they really discounting the car by $23k?

Nice 12%+ discount. Just verify MF on Edmunds, but it might be buy rate. Good deal. Make sure it is not demo/loaner. Then ask for 3.5-4% more, if it is.

There is $16,000 incentives in CA on it

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It is a demo with 150 miles on it. I shall ask for more discount as per your suggestion. Fingers crossed.

is it S60 only ? im looking at the S90

And who are you? This is an S60 thread

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You probably won’t make nearly as much headway on a demo with 150 miles, since they never got paid by Volvo for using it. Also, verify that it’s actually available for lease. Some of the dealers appear to have purchased out their remaining 2019 inventory from themselves and put them up as “demo/loaners”, but because they were actually purchased, they aren’t lease eligible.

I am pretty sure that they are ready to lease it.

How do you know that? They do get paid for demos, I just don’t know the requirements. But pretty sure if it is an old unit than they did get paid for it.

You’re right, I don’t know that for sure and could be wrong. Everything I have heard has said basically 3 months/3k miles to get paid out, but there always could be exceptions. Some of the dealers are suddenly flooded with almost 0 mile demo units now and are saying that they can’t be leased, which points to their conversion to demo status being out of the ordinary.

That 3mo/3k is for loaners. I think demos have different rules. They just probably go by time in demo status.

This looks similar to what I was just offered.

Volvo T6 R Design (loaner)

MSRP $57,xxx
Discounted Price (including 13850 incentives): 33,xxx
Money Factor: 0.0192
Residual: 38%
Term: 36M
Miles: 12,000
Drive Off: 1300
Monthly: $529 with tax

Is this a good deal for a loaner or would you push for more? I was thinking of leasing and then buying out given the significant lease cash being offered. Does anyone know if this is allowed and what the process to do this looks like?

If you didn’t put in XXXs you’d get better answer. 17% is good for a loaner.

Sorry, here are the numbers without the x:

MSRP: 57,055
Discounted Price: 33,838

So the discounts preincentives is 16%. Do you think I could get it closer to 20? Also any experience on obtaining the lease and then just immediately buying out the vehicle?

Did you verify that MF and RV with Edmunds? .00192 seems high for volvo

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16% is good, standard loaner discount. You can try for more, of course.

@mllcb42 - they mentioned on Edmunds that the MF is high, but they didn’t have it. You can always figure it out on Volvo estimator :slightly_smiling_face:

Might be better to purchase if the discount and incentives are the same. Then again, I wouldn’t own that power train out of warranty.

Does it have to be the T8?

Yeah I verified both on Edmunds. Not sure if the MF matters much if I plan to immediately buy the car out?

It does because if it is marked up, you could justify a steeper discount.

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But what about your phantom rule of how dealers have to wait 2 months to get kickback for marking up mf so they’ll never agree to marking it up for more discount if you’re just going to buy the lease out?