Any good crossover 24-27 month deals in the $300-$500 range?

Hey there Hackrs - I have a 2015 Grand Cherokee Limited that I’d like to get out of. 11 months left on lease but have some equity due to low mileage (17k)- most dealers I’ve visited are willing to take me out of it even/for the payoff (about $29,500). Assuming that continues to hold true, I’d love to find a good 24-27 month lease deal on a sportier crossover. Tried to get a local dealer to price match a solid Boston deal on a Stelvio ($389/$46k MSRP/27 months/no cash down - just fees) - they couldn’t come close.

Can go a bit higher than $500/minimal down payment for the right car (would love a Macan but probably still too far off). I realize I much prefer leases that are under 3 years - Any other ideas?