Any full size pickup lease deals?

My brother in law is looking to lease a full size pickup truck. He’d like a 4x4 with a crew cab or at least an extended cab, other than that, he’s pretty open to anything really.

He’s not brand loyal and would like payment to be around $350/mnth or under on a 10K mile lease with nothing down.

Located in the Chicagoland area but willing to drive for a good deal. I’ve looked around, but I’m not seeing much out there.

Any advice is appreciated

The RAM 1500 can easily be done in that price range…

That’s for low optioned one right?

Crew Cab, Big Horn Package, so it is decently equipped …

I’m not having much luck.

MSRP: $48,140
Lease Price: $44,456
Rebates: $11,250
Doc and Plates: $408
Tax: 8.25%

36mnths / 10K
Residual 55%
APR of 8.7% through Ally, tier 2 credit?

Quoted $500.43 a month