Any exotic hacks for September?

hey guys

always looking for exotic hacks and the forum has been pretty quiet about them.

was wondering if anyone has found some unicorn deals laying around. I see vantages and db11s go for decent money. But those cars don’t really do anything for me.


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Another post looking for :spoon: fed unicorns?


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How about a Prius?


where is this Prius on your spreadsheet? I can’t seem to find it.
Also, would you do an out of state deal on this? :smiley:

This one isn’t on there :joy:

The regular ones are listed. No out of state deals

I know, I’m kidding around.

But really, may I have the link to the “exotic” spreadsheet, please?


another post? try searching maybe a few months ago lol

nothing I’m looking for is spoon-fed… just a car company and a car that might be deep on incentives and trunk money. I can do my own work

These statements are at odds with each other


why is that? usually even if the car has good incentives. the hard part is negotiating the MSRP down further to get the good deal.

I would drive that, as long as it does 0-60 under 5 seconds :grin:

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Get the regular Prius…it does 0 to 60 mm/hour in lass than 1 second.


that must be heavily modded then, no way it’s possible.