Any crazy deals on manual cars in california?

really missing driving a manual. any crazy crazy deals on manual cars??? im in California.

just discovered this site and its incredible!

Responded here:

Depends, some of the funner cars would be the one’s with turbos…Deals can be had in SoCal with the STI and WRX, while somewhat pricey, if you crave performance you’ll love them. Other options are the Fords STs, Fiesta and Focus…Lastly there are various Jeeps including turbo and manual Renegade.

We should point out, even when someone lists a dealership and even a contact person, to gets these deals can still take considerable work. More often than not you’ll get the “sure I can match that price, come on down!” Only to arrive with them saying “I didn’t realize the last one was just sold, here’s the up trim model”. Deals certainly can be had, just be prepared that it may take a lot of work and if it doesn’t consider yourself lucky

I’ve got my eye on a Fiesta ST, and sometimes, you just have to accept that desirable/niche/fun cars will be pricier to lease. YOLO, right?