Any caution or steps to take when receiving an out-of-state delivery without the dealership contact?


Hi all,

Please advise and share any caution or necessary step to take when receiving an out-of-state delivery from a trucking company without the dealership presence. Thank you in advance.

Just check the car on arrival for any damage during shipping, and make sure you get all ancillary items like both sets of keys, floor mats, owners manual, etc.

Ask this a different way: is a vending machine loading your car on a truck? Or that the dealer isn’t there when you receive it?

If the latter:

  • ask (whomever loads it) to take LOT of photos before they do
  • take photos when it arrives. IT WILL BE DIRTY - it may be filthy (I learned this when I shipped a lease from Delaware to CA). Be prepared to wipe it down and take photos immediately, then get it washed and check again

The main issues that might come up:

  • are you refusing delivery?
  • It not, any damage either the dealer or shipper needs to address?

Hopefully none of those and you can enjoy it when it arrives.

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