Any brokers for Arizona please?

Any brokers for Arizona ?

Curious… what brand are you looking for? I have a bunch of friends in car business that can help.

Hi Cody,
I’m specifically looking for a 2017/2018 Chrysler Pacifica Touring L Plus with white exterior and grey interior.

Bumping this thread for the same question. Anyone in the Phoenix area that can help out with Mazda dealers? Thanks!

Phoenix is an awful auto market. Minimal dealer competition, high doc fees. It almost always makes sense to buy in Southern California.

Is it worth trying at all or should I just start messaging dealers in LA for my next lease? How much of a difference would it be on a vehicle like a CX-5?

Search both and see if you notice a trend. Doesn’t hurt to expand your search boundaries.

You need to register as a dealer…

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@alxz310 I am in Phoenix and can assist with Mazda leases.

I’m in Arizona and finding that it’s almost impossible to get a deal like the ones posted here. I was looking at leasing a 2018 Honda Accord 1.5t sport and the best deal I got was $360/ mo $0down $0 DAS. Looked online at a couple dealers online in SoCal and found the same car for $299/mo $0 down $0 DAS.

As a part time az resident - gotta get our cars in SoCal!

Numbers that rounded look too perfect. I bet tax and fees are extra. You’re still much more likely to get the better deal in Socal though, but might need some massaging.

AZ deals are tough especially BMW or luxury cars.

What did you get finally?