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Hi Everyone,

I have a C300 I leased in Jan 2020. Its a 3-year lease at 10K/year. My job has switched to at-home for at least the next year and possibly two years. My mileage on the car is going to be WAY under (~5K per year).

Is there any way to get some benefit from my underuse? Either currently or prior to turning in the lease. I am either going to buy a different car or lease a new car at the end of the lease in 2023. I am also open to trading the lease in early (say in 2- 2.5 years and purchasing/leasing a new car at that point).


Benefit for the captive.


Driving Uber/Lyft?

Think how much you save on gas. If you haven’t, update your auto insurance with your actual miles driven.

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You shouldn’t have to replace tires before lease is up…

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Road trip!


You can sleep better knowing that your CO2 contribution is less than it would have been. You did your share to reduce global warming.



The captives are going to book a TON of low mileage cars because of the pandemic. A definite windfall that isn’t in their initial calculations when they came up with these residuals…


if you got a good deal on it, you can always lease-swap out of it and get something that fits your new lifestyle better

You’re out of luck – as am I, for only using about 50% of the miles I purchased on my F-Type. We just suck it up or do road trips.

You got your car recently enough that I bet you could swap out of it pretty easily.

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No more lease swaps with MBFS unfortunately. :frowning:

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For the time being or permanent?

“Permanently suspended.” Whatever that means.


That’s too bad. More reason to get a Bimmer aside from yearly oil changes. :upside_down_face:

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Wow that’s wild. Bummer!