Any advice for getting some of these brokers to respond?

I basically have money in one hand and a pen in the other ready to pull the trigger on their listing. Getting these a response is like pulling teeth. I take that back, pulling teeth is easier.

Have you ensured that you are inside their service area and have reasonable expectations? Have you emailed them instead of simply PMing?

Of course, I can’t speak for others’ non-reply. I would only recommend to make sure your communication is clear, easy to understand, and reasonable in expectations. Make it as easy as possible to help you by citing specific models, even specific stock numbers if possible, of vehicles you’re interested in, location, payment and down payment expectations, timeline for when you’re ready to act (better be soon!), and any show stoppers (like can’t be black interior–but be careful with limiting factors when searching for a deal).

I’d probably expect a 24-hour or so turnaround.

Put a meaningful and brief subject in your email so it’s easy to understand.

I guess if they don’t respond in a time that suits you, try another one? I imagine that some brokers have another gig they’re running, and I’m certain they’re buried in emails.

I would also double check if you’re providing expectations for payment, that you’re being realistic. Some brokers won’t respond if you’re so far outside the realm of reason that it isn’t worth their time to respond.

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I asked if they deal with out of state buyers. One said yes the others didn’t respond so I’ll take that as a know. The one that responded said I need to arrange shipping myself. So I got some quotes on shipping and ask for an updated quote of the vehicle they are offering with additional miles and upgraded wheels.

Either way the experience forced me to just do it myself. I’ll be posting my deal later today.

What exactly were you trying to do, if you don’t mind me asking?

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If Benedetto is reaching out - use him. He is a class act!


Could you tell the Italian Gov’t that?

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Tried to cross Italian border illegally? lol


I came to Italy for vacation this past December.

I got sick and didn’t want to hop on my flight back to the states, so I changed my flight back and BSed a pharmacy worker into giving me amoxicillin.

I, decided to stay since I know I’m eligible for Italian citizenship via Jure Sanguinis #Citizenshiphackr (Link for my half Italian brethren)

Long story short, I’m still here in March and my visa expires so I go to the poste Italiano (post office) and file for elective residenza, so I can extend my time and get all my paperwork turned in.

Two months later, I go to the Ufficio Immigrazione - they look @ me, realize my family comes from Italy so they start screaming and arguing about how my family comes from Sicily. They come back after a few minutes, just scan the form I need to file and tell me to go get fingerprinted.

I find out in July that I need to turn in my documents to this office, (Ufficio di Stato Civile). Great ! I file for residence and the office is closed in August…they get back w/ me in September and tell me I need a permesso di soggiorno(green card). I go in person, tell them I need it for my permesso and I have a law that states people in my process only need a schengen stamp.

They say no, lol and tell me to get lost. They came up with some obscure law that says if my Schengen stamp is over 90 days old, they cannot process my paperwork as it won’t be allowed.

No residence - can’t turn in paperwork

No paperwork - can’t get my greencard

No greencard - can’t finalize residence.

Basically, I’m stuck in the middle of three offices who refuse to communicate with each other. They also have me going to this police office that is nowhere near my district.

I’ll never complain about the DMV, ever, ever, again.



They were so excited to have an American in there.

Behind one of the desks, this lady had a Marilyn Monroe poster.

The first thing she asked me is if I had been to the JFK museo (Museum) … lol

In fairness, it still sounds easier than attempting to pay an Italian traffic violation (I gave up in the end) Italian bureaucracy is maybe slightly on the inefficient side.

Can’t you just slip them a few euro and be done in time for a nice Chianti at 3pm?

The Roma Comune is super strict - I’ve basically got three options @ this point.

1). Fight it with the police, as they ultimately control what happens to my green card. They’ve by far been the most helpful and hopefully, can resolve this.

2). Leave Italy/EU for 90 days and reset my stamp.

3). Leave Italy for a weekend to Romania or Tunisia and attempt to get them to restamp my passport. I’m ‘technically’ allowed to leave and re-enter Italy, even though my permesso is being declined(It’s a process, in the process of actually refusing it).

Benvenutto in Italia un paese in EU solamente in geographia.

Tu parli Italiano?

google fa bene la traduzione lol

Parlo per flirtare

Complimenti alla mamma !

Si lo parlo. Lo imparato perche o visuto nel altra parte del Adriatico. :slight_smile: