Another Highlander Deal (please help me crunch the numbers)

Here’s what I’m working with:
2016 Highlander XLE AWD in Ohio for 36 months/15k miles. (Residual 66%)
MSRP: $39,953
Selling: $36,000 (~10% off MSRP)

Starting MF: .00124
MSD: 7 ($2,800)
Actual MF: .00068
TAX: $964
DMV: $19.50
DOC: $250
Acquisition: $650

If I pay tax, DMV, DOC, and MSD up front ($4361.50) my monthly payment would be $328.

I need your help with crunching some numbers. Specifically, how many of those up-front fees can I build in without passing a monthly payment of $350? (anything more will raise my MSD). Is there a calculator that will help me add in and take out numbers? The LH here only seems to let me add or remove acquisition.

If you could get them to $325 a month (Which should be easy) your MSD payment will drop ro $325 and not $350. That should save you a bit. Also, why only 7 MSD, you can do more with Toyota. Use the lease calculator on this website to play with the numbers.

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Also, why only 7 MSD, you can do more with Toyota. Use the lease calculator on this website to play with the numbers.

Thanks for the $325 idea. I tried to play with the calculator on the site, but I don’t see a way to, for instance, add in the doc fee. Where would I put that to show the payment over time with the $250 built in?

Only 7 because I’m trying to limit my up-front costs. I understand I’ll get that money back, but I was looking for a <$300 zero out-of-pocket lease. So, this is doable, but not ideal.

This looks similar to the Selling price I’m getting from dealers here in PA, but no one seems to know what MSD is over here. Can you give me the info of a dealer in Ohio?

Justin, you can use my Toyota spreadsheet if you want. Everything is pretty self explanatory; just remember that cap cost reduction (cell C19) must be entered as a negative number to sum correctly.

You can play around and capitalize any upfront costs to see how much it affects your monthly payment.

I could be wrong, but I think MSDs are rounded to nearest 50? I don’t think staying below 325 makes any difference to your MSD total if that’s the case.

Yeah, in my experience maybe 1/5 dealers in NJ knew about MSDs

A.J. Kelly at Classic Toyota
(440) 953-0910

I passed on the deal above due to size issues and I’m sure he would love if you picked it up. Seemed to know quite a bit about he MSD option. This was the best publicly available deal I got.

I just got a quote in Pittsburgh and they gave me the same MF but a higher selling price (about 37250) but the sticker was higher (about 40150 due to the paint color I think). My guy said he had a few hundred more but not a thousand.

Thanks. I was able to get my local dealer to come around yesterday after a few hours of explanation.