Another GC 4xe deal check


In Texas and looking at a few '22 GC 4xe Trailhawks for 36/12k. This dealer provided the following deal and im waiting to hear back on some of the specifics like what on earth am i getting for $2,999. I put their numbers in the calculator and just trying to make sure it makes sense where i put stuff. Seems they are at a marked up MF of .00165 vs .00088.

Msrp 72,130
Sale price 60,546
Some random charge for dealer junk 2,999
Monthly $691 if $1k down and at 36/10k

I put in the 1k in the calculator as a down payment thinking i can get the $1k from website so left in there. Would be slightly different under incentive than down-payment i think.

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The 3k dealer bs is because no one has discounted these 11k yet. Still a solid discount. Make sure the incentives are correct per jeep website


Yeah, i was figuring their discount included some incentive in it to be that high, but then the incentives were what i was expecting. Like youre saying, even with that there still a 10% discount which seems good from what I’ve seen here.


Is that the actual msrp? Often when these says “market value selling price” instead of msrp, theyre marking it up and then showing a big “discount”

Yeah actual msrp. Odd the color shows as $495 which thought it’s always been $395 but otherwise it matches to jeeps site. Comes with the pro tech and lux package.