Another Frontier Signed - 2022 S crew 4WD - $34,875 MSRP - $291 DAS - $291/mo

2022 Nissan Frontier S
Crew Cab 4x4 S Auto

Deal done in Illinois, can most likely be replicated at the same dealer. PM me if interested.

Msrp: $34975
Price: $34975
DAS: $291
Monthly: $291
RV: 99%
MF: .00227
10k miles, 18 months

Brief summary. Emailed every dealer in the area with an extremely transparent message of what i expect to pay on a specific model in their inventory. Got a few rejections from a couple dealers, a couple dealers willing to work around the number, and one dealer that was STRICTLY business and got right to it. Told me they could do the deal of $291 m $291 DAS. No surprises, the “internet specialist” didn’t ask dumb questions or work around my inquiry such as other reps, got to the dealer looked at the truck signed the papers and left.


Congrats! Share pics :slight_smile:

Welcome to the club, friend. :metal:

Congrats! Do you mind sharing dealer fees, government fees and the tax rate? Here is initial calc link

I signed mine last night IL too in Naperville. Mine came to be 273. Which area did you get yours from?

I was quoted 98% RV and .00213 MF. Another poster showed their deal being the same. Anybody know what’s up with that?
MSRP 34,375
PRICE 34,375
RV 98%
MF .00213
10K MILES, 18 MOS.

Dealer is charger $495 for the etch which I know is bs, but they say they won’t do it without it being charged. They have a $5k mark up on all of em.

I’ve done an Infinit deal and a Nissan deal in the last 5 years. Both wanted vin etching when it was never actually done and both had deal sheets that made no sense but I didn’t question it as the das and monthly were accurate. $289 seems like a good price but tbd based on your taxes.

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