Another BMW M340i deal check

2020 BMW M340i

Location: South
Term: 36/10
MSRP: $62,360
Selling price: $56,360
Incentives: $2k
Dealer Fee: $799 (non negotiable)
Acquisition: $925
Residual: 61%
MF: .00168

$651 with $2499 due at signing.

Doesn’t look stellar. I don’t qualify for any extra incentives (loyalty, college, etc). Could work on marked up MF, add MSD, reduce selling price and get CCA membership. Also will need to have the car shipped out of state ($700?).

I will say I am looking for a particular set of options and won’t budge from them…

Sounds like you already know exactly what needs to be done

Target 12% pre rebates and base MF for new BMWs

It’s great you’re wiling to ship because you’re opening yourself up to a lot more opportunity to score the desired deal


You need to ship from the great state of Pennsylvania with what @Bostoncarconcierge recommends.

Echoing the rest, you should be able to get 12% or more pre-incentives but you may need to target a high volume dealer.

Buy rate MF is .00128 don’t let them mark that up.

December incentives on 2020 M340i are $1,000 lease cash and $2,000 loyalty.

36/10k residual is 61%.

If you are looking for an uncommon set of options you will likely need to sacrifice on price.

Why PA?..

Certain fees are capped (state law) relatively low in comparison and you’ll be able to get buy rate MF as well.