Another 330i loaner TX data point


Here’s a data point for all you Texas BMW hackers out there. Just leased a 330i loaner with about 6K miles on the clock. Not the greatest deal in the world, but still pretty solid given low inventory and Texas taxes. Dealers seem pretty stingy right now, had to push hard for this. The 3 series is a blast to drive - the 4 cylinder is surprisingly fast and super smooth - and the interior quality and tech is really top-notch on this one…BMW did a fantastic job with this generation of the 3 series.

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2021 BMW 330i
MSRP: $50,xxx
Monthly Payment: $525
Drive-Off Amount: $1000
Annual Mileage:10k
Incentives: $2k lease cash and loyalty
Region: TX

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Am I crazy in thinking $500+ is a lot for a Loaner 3 series?


Seems like you’re paying a new car price for a used car. Not sure how bad the Texas market is but I’d personally avoid it.

$538/mo effective does seem on the high side, but it’s a hard market on the BMWs right now.

It is a good deal (indeed very good in this market) considering TX sales tax.

It’s the sad state of tx leases lol. TBH 330e is really the 3 series to lease in TX. And this month loyalty is $2,000. I’m given around 8-9% right off the bat and with OC you should be around $550 per month or less with OL, on a $50k car first month due; then you can claim $5,836 + $2,500 in tax credit or rebate (assuming it’s will apply retroactively). So effectively a $300/mo 3 series after all the hassles, like the good ole days. And you have some trade-in towards your next lease.

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What was the sales price/pre-incentive discount? Mf mark up? Any tax credits?

it works out to something like 15.25% pre incentive @ buy rate MF. no tax credits. i was shooting for 17% which would have put the deal deal just under $500/mo @ $1000 down, but i knew that was probably going to be difficult given the market.

it’s 538/mo, not 552/mo effective, the 1000 was total DAS including first month

Subsidy money (AMP for those in the know) just isn’t there on 2021’s like it was on loaners in years past.

You’re almost always better off trying to get to the bottom on a new car these days. — Damage disclosure cars are the exception usually but even those are being sold quickly.

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yeah, they offered me a new one because of this exact reason, but it was less car in terms of options and only a few dollars a month cheaper. i don’t drive a lot of miles, so the loaner miles don’t bother me.


Congratulations and enjoy your 330i!


Congratulations! Enjoy the Bimmer!