๐Ÿ’š Andy | June 2022 - Preorder your Vehicle Today! | Buy or Lease Numbers Inside

Hi Andy I have sent you a message today about Hyundai Santa Fe, if you could please get in touch

Update 4/27/2022.

I have the Ioniq 5 SE AWD available at MSRP on immediate notice.

This is the exact same deal that a competitor posted yesterday, but my broker fee is half!

I have the same colors available as my competitor. Compare his deal to mine below:

I partner with the most prominent Hyundai dealerships in NY/NJ, including the same dealerships that my competitors partner with - but I charge a lower broker fee! $249 instead of $500!

Text Andy at 551-204-8712 to reserve your Ioniq 5 SE AWD for the lowest price on this forum.

See for yourself why Iโ€™m the #1 broker for the Hyundai brand in our region.

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Count me in as another of Andyโ€™s happy customers. Great service all around.

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Hey Andy, in your post you tagged Florida as a location. Are you actually able to do deals here now? Looking for a Kona Electric, willing to do a factory order and wait for it.

texted you andy about ioniq 5 - havent received a respnse - located in Fl as well.

How long is the wait on sonata ?

Did you get a response?

no response

Update on Out-of-State EV Deals: Due to increased demand for EVs (caused by insane gas prices), itโ€™s become increasingly impractical to ship these out of state.

The Ioniq 5 was slow to sell at start but word has gotten around about this capable vehicle.

The only Ioniq 5s I have available at MSRP right now are the SE AWD model.

I am sorry about this but there just arenโ€™t enough cars on the ground to make them available at low prices, AND far away.

Sorry to those that have not received a response. I am receiving a lot of requests and prioritizing those that I can help with available cars.

If you havenโ€™t gotten a response, please keep texting and Iโ€™ll do my best to get back to everyone!

Thank you!!

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I am all the way in the west coast and wish our broker carry the same deal here too!!

When will Palisade 2023 will be available for lease/buy?

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Any 2022 Tuson available?

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Any Ioniq 5 SEL AWD for July or August delivery?

has anyone received any response from Andy? I texted him 2 times and also i posted on this forum 10 days agoโ€ฆ
No Response. This tread seems dead

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I was just coming to this thread to see as well. I texted twice, havenโ€™t received a response.

Looking for Andy for help with a Tucson. Texted twice, havenโ€™t heard back.