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Hello Andy,

Any chance you are able to broker deals on Genesis? Thank you in advance

Curious if Andy or anyone else has found the Ioniq 5 selling or leasing below msrp. Considering financing but every dealership around me in nj is msrp+.

Genesis deals are “by request”. If Genesis is what you’re after, go ahead and send me a text at 551-204-8712 and I’ll do my best to find one that meets your needs. They are not cheap, which is why I don’t typically advertise Genesis prices.

Yes! I am below MSRP on Ioniq 5 on all trims. I’m roughly 1.25% below MSRP for a purchase on Ioniq 5. No mandatory addons or crazy dealer fees. Plenty of Ioniq 5 in stock today for NJ and NY customers BELOW MSRP. This comes out to a $500-600 discount where most dealers are charging OVER sticker.

In most cases, Ioniq 5 customers can save thousands with my sub-MSRP deals compared to dealers that are marking up these cars.

Please text me at 551-204-8712 if you are interested in any of the deals listed here!

Text is the best way to reach me. I ask those that DM me to text instead.

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Any Hyundai Tucson or Santa Fe models available for lease. Interested in the SEL gas Trim or the Base Hybrid.

The Tucson (and especially Tucson hybrid base model) are the most in-demand models right now and hardest to get.

As Gas is hitting $4/gal - I do have some 2022 Kona EVs available at MSRP.


These will go quick.
Buy at MSRP with your state incentives, or lease at the following rates.

Great way to get into an EV Hyundai for lower cost than Ioniq 5 as I still work on those discounts. Ioniq 5 is still 1.25% off MSRP most trims (with a few trim/color combos holding at MSRP).

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Can you do I5 limited out of state (GA) on a purchase?

Highly interested in an Elantra N-line. Sent you a text but haven’t heard back.


Hi Andy, sent a text request on a Santa Fe Calligraphy or Limited in NJ.

Thank You.

Any palisades available ?

Andy, I sent you a text on this for an Ohio lease. Not sure if this is the best channel or texting.

Hey Andy,
I am looking for a AWD Santa Fe. Any units in stock?

Hey Andy, I sent you a text but didn’t hear back from you. My uncle is looking for a hybrid Elantra base. Lmk if you have any in stock

I am definitely here. I did have a blip last week where my phone was not receiving messages and I got a blast of about 30 in a row, but I should have gotten through most of the pipeline. If you have not gotten a response, please text me again at 551-204-8712! Working to fulfill all deals first-come first-serve as soon as possible!


Hi Andy,

Shot you a text yesterday about a potential Ioniq 5 purchase, please let me know if there is a different way I should reach you.



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Are incentives/MF/RV posted for April yet?

Are you still advertising your pricing with 3k plus in cap reduction? If not I am highly interested in an Elantra n-line!

Attention Leasehackr Community

It is my pleasure to announce the “Hop into a New Hyundai” event for April 2022.

As you may be aware, “Hop into a New Hyundai” was one of my most popular events in 2021.

This campaign delivered pre-chip-shortage pricing, once the shortage had already began, before it caught up with Hyundai.
This placed an unprecedented demand on my services, and helped me make the decision to invest more of my time, energy, and livelihood in being the best Car broker I could be!

Last year, with the “Hop Into a New Hyundai” event, I launched “No Credit Score Discrimination” as part of all of my pricing sheets.
It has always been my belief that customers that are building their credit should be subject to the same pricing transparency as Tier 1 customers.
For the past year, my unique approach to pricing sheets on Leasehackr has helped dozens of sub-prime customers save money on new Hyundai cars and SUVs.

I’ve learned that regardless of your budget, credit worthiness, appetite for dealer markups, all customers benefit from more upfront information.

This year, I’m furthering my mission of pricing transparency on new Hyundais.

I am proud to announce the following changes to my pricing sheets:

  • MSRP for every new Hyundai is now listed (this is usually the “most expensive” MSRP for a given trim-level, factoring in factory, dealer, and port-installed options, so prices can go down, but not up, in most circumstances.).
  • Lease-to-own options are now listed for every new Hyundai, so you can compare Buy vs Lease numbers yourself! (coming soon for EVs, purchase is cheaper on all of these right now)
  • Dealer markups are now advertised in a fully transparent way, via the Line Cutting quadrant of my pricing sheets, giving the customer the ultimate choice of waiting versus paying a markup.
  • Alternating color banded rows are now added to pricing sheets for readability.
  • Out-the-door lease pricing for Tier 1-3, 4, and 7 is still listed on every deal. For over a year, I have been the only broker on Leasehackr advertising subprime out-the-door lease prices.

It’s also my duty to announce the following less-than-good news:

  • Supply shortages haven’t really gotten better, many April prices have stayed the same, and greater discounts don’t appear to be on the horizon
  • EV & Hybrid demand has ballooned with high gas prices, meaning that some of Hyundai’s most incredible fuel-saving cars are harder to find, with less potential for discounts (cars like Elantra hybrid base, Tucson hybrid base, Kona EV SEL base, and Santa Fe hybrid have the longest waits)
  • Dealer “doc” fees and other mandatory surcharges are rising. I’m now listing an $899 doc fee for all cars. For states like NY, where doc fees are capped at $175, assume that the additional $724 in advertised “doc” fees may go to “vin etching” or other non-optional dealer profit items.

Given the state of the market, the most transparent and fair method to handle markups and lines that I could think of is the new Line-Cutting quadrant on my pricnig sheets:

How-Does Paid Line Cutting Work?

Anyone that has been shopping for a car in the chip-shortage era has learned that there are two types of dealerships:

  • Dealerships that charge an added dealer markup (ADM), citing supply and demand of new cars.
  • Dealerships that do not charge an ADM, but have very long waitlists, stretching weeks or months.

Since each dealership has limited inventory, most choose one strategy or the other. However, I partner with both types of dealerships.

This means that, as long as I’m keeping a pulse on the market, I can actually offer customers the choice, and select the best dealership for each customer’s situation.

For customers that are looking for the best deal, rest assured, I am still advertising and fulfilling new Hyundai Cars and SUVs at the lowest prices in the region, perhaps in the entire country.
Of course, for customers that are looking for the lowest overall cost, there is a waiting list, up to about 90 days for most models and trims.

For customers that are willing to pay a premium to get into their dream Hyundai now, or for customers that do not have the luxury of time to sit on a waiting list, I am partnered with some of the most well-stocked Hyundai dealerships in our region, perhaps in the entire country. If there a specific Hyundai that you’re after, perhaps a popular color or trim combination, and you’re willing to pay market-adjusted prices, I will work with you to connect you to the dealership that has the car RIGHT NOW, and get you a straight-shooting price.

We all know that time is money, and one of the biggest complaints I’ve gotten from customers is: even if customers are willing to pay a markup, dealerships do not make the process simple or intuitive to find out how much that markup will be.

With my, new, updated pricing sheets, all types of shoppers should find the information they need to pay a fair price and make an informed decision.

It is my goal to continue to be your #1 broker for all new Hyundai cars and SUVs, in all situations, such as:

  • Getting the lowest possible price on a new Hyundai, for those willing to wait as long as it takes
  • Getting the most popular Hyundai models, colors, and trims, in as short notice as 3 days.
  • Making informed buying vs leasing vs lease-to-own decisions
  • Avoiding credit discrimination & getting a fair price regardless of credit-worthiness

Thank you to the community for the constant feedback about what YOU want to see from your Car Brokers!

I look forward to serving you as best as I can, through and after this chip shortage.

Thank you,

Prices are updated at the Top of this thread.

Please click the link to go to the top, and scroll top-to-bottom to find pricing sheets for each car.
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Do you help NJ/NY exclusively or other states’ residents along the east coast can avail these?


Do you deal with EV 6 At all?