💚 Andy | HYUNDAI | $146 Elantra/$149 Ioniq/$149 Kona EV w/$2kDAS | 5%off Palisade| Sub-Prime Rates, NATIONWIDE SHIPPING

Hi, I’m Andy! :wave:

I’m 1-man broker operation out of NJ. Serving the NYC Metro and beyond. I focus on providing the LOWEST prices, on the HOTTEST new HYUNDAI models (EV, PHEV, and Gas) in the Northeast.

February 2021 Pricing is Live!

🚗 Gas Cars in All States

All subject to the below Pricing Disclosures.

2020 Hyundai Elantra Value Edition: $146/month
2020 Hyundai Ioniq SE: $149/month
2021 Hyundai Sonata SE: $189/month
2021 Hyundai Venue SE: $185/month
2021 Hyundai Kona SE AWD: $199/month
2021 Hyundai Kona NIGHT: $234/month
… also… 2020 Kona Electric: $149/month. 258 Miles of Range
… competes with Bolt EUV, Model Y.
2021 Hyundai Tuscon Value Edition AWD: $229/month
2021 Hyundai Santa Fe SE AWD: $260/month .

If there is a specific Hyundai you’re looking for, please text me for a quote. These are just example deals that are possible this month. Exact colors/options/MSRP may vary.

Keep scrolling down for TRANSPARENT pricing on new Hyundai models, all credit tiers, or feel free to click around:

Below Pricing is VALID for FEBRUARY 2021! Please reach out by 2/25 to secure your place in line.

I’ve made headlines here for not only for scoring one of the best deals ever posted on this site, but by systematizing my deal-hunting process, enabling HUNDREDS MORE from the community to reach unicorn status on their very own Hyundai Ioniq EV deals. Thanks to the perfect storm of this thread, and CHARGE UP NJ, many of you are buzzing around NJ with zero-emissions and sub-$100 car payments!

If you’re looking to lease a new vehicle with the LOWEST 3-year cost of ownership in the Northeast region, it’s hard to beat my prices. But, this forum will keep me HONEST if there is a cheaper, repeatable price on the same or comparable car anywhere else.

I’m different from other brokers on this site because I only focus on providing the best value in economy cars. If reliable, inexpensive, comfortable transportation is your goal, you will find that my lineup is the most cost effective way to get there. Value is #1. Lowest price, and most car for the money, are the guiding principles of my lineup.

With the Hyundai Brand, Hyundai Motor Finance leasing programs, and yours truly, a NEW car lease may be more attainable than you thought. And with Hyundai’s constantly improving quality of the vehicles themselves, you might just love your new car even more than you love your payments!

Please, read the rest of this page, then text me at 551-204-8712, and consider awarding me the opportunity to help the rubber meet the road.

But also, don’t take my word for it. Compare my numbers below with what you’re seeing advertised elsewhere, because the price I list here is the price you pay!

Thank you,

2020 Hyundai Elantra

Better Value than Honda Civic, Toyota Corolla, Mazda 3


The Elantra Value Edition is unbeatable Value, in more than name and price! You get Heated seats, Blind Spot Monitoring, Sunroof, and much more!

2021 Hyundai Elantra

The new standard in High-Tech Compact Sedans.


This new model is more expensive than the outgoing, but highly anticipated by Hyundai enthusiasts.

2021 Hyundai Sonata

Compare to Toyota Camry, Honda Accord, Mazda 6


Sonata SE is the most affordable midsize sedan I could find anywhere on this site in our region, especially with the included maintenance! See the next post for Sonata Hybrid pricing.

2021 Hyundai Venue

Compare to Ford EcoSport, Chevy Trax, Kia Soul

Few manual trans 2020 leftovers left. Automatic only from 2021+.

2021 Hyundai Kona

Compare to Honda HR-V, Mazda CX-30, Subaru Crosstrek

Hyundai Kona NIGHT special edition is here with no added markup. This is essentially a “murdered out” package.

2021 Hyundai Tuscon

Compare to Mazda CX-5, Honda CR-V, Toyota Rav-4

Tuscon Value edition provides heated seats, driver assist features, moonroof, and more. Greatest bang for buck in this segment, hands down!

2020 Hyundai Santa Fe

Compare to Jeep Grand Cherokee, Chevy Blazer, Ford Edge, Honda Passport

Running out of 2020 leftovers, but score a great deal on well-equipped examples of what’s remaining!

2021 Hyundai Santa Fe

Compare to Jeep Grand Cherokee, Chevy Blazer, Ford Edge, Honda Passport

This vehicle is all new. Low trims are affordable but higher trims are still pay-to-play.

2021 Hyundai Palisade

Compare to Kia Telluride, Honda Pilot, Toyota Highlander, VW Atlas, Dodge Durango

America can’t get enough of this SUV, even at these prices!

Pricing Disclosure

All base deals are advertised as 3 year, 10k miles per year, Tiers 1-3 Credit Approval. Monthly payments are as-advertised.
Pay your True Due-At-Signing (DAS) dollar amount (or roll it in w/good credit) of just your FIRST PAYMENT, plus my advertised DAS figure. I advertise NYC and NJ tax/DMV rates.

Some brokers do the math symbolically or algebraically but I do it numerically. NJ is a 6.625 tax rate, NYC is a 8.88 tax rate, and I can provide an exact DAS figure for you if your tax rate varies based on where you live.

When I advertise DAS amounts, they are for a specific location/tax-rate, and To calculate your 3-year total cost, multiply your monthly payment amount by 36, and then add your DAS-amount. Add only my $249 broker fee and you’ll be on the road!

You may also qualify for First Responder ($500), Military ($500), or College Grad ($400) rebates, which can further reduce the price, and these discounts are NOT already included in my listed prices.
A $249 broker fee, made payable directly to me via major credit/debit card, is charged on all deals. This is one of the LOWEST broker fees on this forum!

For Customers who qualify at Credit Tier 4, 5, 6, and 7, your monthly payment will increase to the specified amount, but your DAS (with the exception of minor swings in total taxable amount and first month’s payment amount) will remain the same!

Like with all leasing banks, Hyundai Motor Finance charges you a $399 disposition fee at the end of the lease, if you don’t buy or lease another. Many forum members have had success avoiding this fee by buying out their lease early and trading in to a dealership (or online dealership). I have nothing to do with the disposition fee and cannot assist getting it waived.

Prices are subject to change at any time

Deals are state-specific and include pick up in person at the dealership. Delivery and shipping options can be negotiated, based on the buyer’s location, but are not included in advertised prices. EV deals with state-specific rebates are locked into the specific state. Gas cars are more flexible for cross-state delivery and registration.

Pickup/Delivery/Shipping Details

  • All deals are advertised for the Local pick-up price
  • I work with Hyundai dealerships in North, Central, and Southern NJ, as well as New York State.
  • If selecting local pick up, I try to send you to the closest possible dealer as much as possible (based on inventory, color choice, etc)
  • If within reasonable driving distance, but you prefer a completely remote experience, a local delivery fee applies (usually around $399, varies by ZIP code)
  • If you’re further away from the NJ/NY/CT/PA area, I work with a vehicle shipping service (usually between $599 and $1199, varies based on your ZIP code).
  • Transportation carrier insurance is independently verified on my end in all cases. You don’t have to worry about a thing if you choose the shipping/delivery option.

Contact Info

Has my content on this page helped inform your purchase or lease decision on a new Hyundai? Please consider reaching out! I’d love to hear from you!

Text me for quotes, and to reserve your color preference! 551 – 204 – 8712

Please include:

  • Zip Code
  • Desired Miles/Year
  • Top three color preferences
  • Desired trim
  • email address and/or Leasehackr username

(No calls, please)

See reviews from satisfied customers here!

Enjoy the most hassle-free Hyundai Dealership experience in NJ & NY. I have experienced the worst of dealership antics: from inflatable gorillas, to hot dog carts, to credit life insurance, to losing the keys for your trade-in. Let me save you the hassle. Delivery of your new Hyundai takes less than 30 minutes! My dealership partners love to see “Time spent at this place” on Google Maps decrease with your visit.

Text me for quotes, and to reserve your color preference! 551 – 204 – 8712

Please include:

  • Zip Code
  • Desired Miles/Year
  • Top three color preferences
  • Desired trim
  • email address, Leasehackr username, and contact preference

(No calls, please)


Text 551-204-8712 for Quotes!



LeaseHackr, we made History together in 2019 and 2020, with some of the cheapest lease deals ever shared online. Read how this played out last year with my 2019 Ioniq EV adventure. In 2020, we upped the ante and capitalized on the legendary
CHARGE UP NJ program, which changed the game again. Thanks to this incredible community, friends of this community, and friends of their friends, the program’s funds were FULLY DEPLETED by December 15, 2020.

If/when CHARGE UP NJ returns again, rest assured you’re tuned in to the right place.
Until then, for those that STILL need an Ioniq EV, the current price is as follows. Sales tax is still waived on EVs in NJ!

:electric_plug:Fully Electric Cars in NJ & NY

Despite CHARGE UP NJ being over,

  • NJ Residents still eligible for Waived Sales Tax
  • NY Residents still eligible for CHARGE UP NY
  • I still have the lowest priced Ioniq EV, Ioniq Hybrid, and Ioniq PHEV listed on this forum!

The Ioniq EV and Kona EV are all FULLY ELECTRIC and do not accept gasoline.

Ioniq EV is EPA-rated for 170 miles of range.
Kona EV is EPA-rated for 258 miles of range.

Currently, the Kona EV is my best value in EVs! Highly competitive with Tesla, Chevy Bolt, and more!

:electric_plug:Hybrid & Plug-in-Hybrid

All of these cars take regular gasoline. Some can be plugged in, some cannot. Nothing on this list REQUIRES to be pluged in. Just regular gas, regular car, but incredible MPGs and plenty of pickup!

2020 Ioniq Hybrid & Ioniq Plug-in-Hybrid

Compare to Toyota Prius & Prius Prime


Imagine that Hyundai shipped a crate of Prii to Korea and picked them apart in every way, asking themselves the question “How can we deliver an even better value?”. That is the Ioniq. Enjoy Michelin tires with a 65k tread life warranty, regenerative brakes, and peace-of-mind that you most likely won’t need to replace consumables before lease turn in! All models get over 50mpg and the PHEV gets over 600 miles on a tank of gas.

See reviews from satisfied customers here!


So this amazing Hyundai Ioniq charges using the standard “Common Charging Standard” connection.

In the trunk of the new car is a Hyundai OEM L1 charger. One end plugs into the car and the other end plugs into a regular 3-prong 120V AC outlet in/on your home, just like a phone charger. A full charge on this connection takes ~30 hours from 0 to 100% charged.

The cool thing is that the charger that comes with the car, despite having a US plug on it, is designed for global use, just like a voltage switching Hair Dryer or laptop charger. It can actually take a 240V power source no problem. Using the EVdoubler that I bought on eBay from this guy: https://evdoctor4earth1.weebly.com/ (I used the EVDoubler Mini 620), you can charge the car twice as fast, using just a 240V outlet, the inexpensive adapter, and the charger that comes with the car.

Next up is the most common type of charging station, this one takes about 6 hours to fully charge the car from 0 to 100%, and is the type you’ll most commonly find in hotels, parking garages, etc. This is 240V 20amp and also the type of charging that most people install at home. Charge units you can buy at Costco or similar for around $2-300.

Finally is DC Fast Charging. This can charge up the whole car in less than an hour, but it’s harder to find a public charger as the amount of power actually goes into those is more than buildings are normally wired for. This is more like a Tesla Supercharger.

Hyundai partners with Chargepoint. I recommend a Chargepoint account, RFID card (they’re free), and the app in order to locate and charge.


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Hi Andy, I’m interested in Ioniq SE base model
I live in New York though. I know with state and federal rebate i can get $10,000 off. I should be able to qualify for first responder as well. How much off msrp can you get? I would definitely like to get a quote, since my lease is up already and my current car maturity date is August 15th. I would love to be in the $200 range, the nationalize offer is $209 with 2K down without tax. Which isn’t a good deal since I will have to put money towards cap cost reduction to get it that price. I been trying to find a broker that works with Hyundai dealers in New York, you’re the first I seen.

11706 - zip code
10K - mikes per year
Color preference - (Blue W/grey interior) (White W/grey interior) Grey electric shadow W/grey interior
Credit Score - 778
Email - Edwinjim84@gmail.com

Thank you,

My 4-step leasing process!

  1. Do your research, determine what car, color, features, options, miles that
    you’re interested in. Test drive before reaching out if possible. Read all the relevant details on this page.
  2. Text me, follow the format listed here for fastest service.
  3. Complete the DocuSign envelope I send you. I’ll return a Countersigned copy.
  4. The dealership will reach out to get your credit app online or over the phone, and then reach out again once your Credit Tier has been determined. If you need to sign new documents at a higher tier, you’ll do so at this time.
  5. Set your Pick-Up Appointment with the dealership and enjoy your new car!


A note on HMF as a leasing bank and Hyundai as a leasing brand

If you lease a Hyundai through Hyundai Motor Finance (even if not through me),
there are several advantages:

  • Oil changes and tire rotations are included for 3 years/36k miles on 2020
    model year vehicles. This is 2 oil changes more than Toyota, and a
    significant benefit over Honda, Mazda, VW, and Nissan leases

  • Third party buyouts are allowed. You can trade your car into any dealer from
    any make or Carvana, Vroom, KBB Instant Cash Offer. No problem.

  • Lease extensions up to 6 months are typically granted: great if you got a
    killer deal that can’t be reproduced in the future

  • Residuals tend to be low to realistic. Unlike makes like BMW, your buyout is
    generally on the low side. Leases are subsidized with upfront lease cash as
    opposed to inflated residuals. If you do have to get out of your Hyundai,
    especially towards the end of the lease, the buyout wont’ insult you most of
    the time.

  • Electronic document signing, loan processing, payment, website, statements,
    etc are all pretty good and tend to work well

  • Hyundai is a good value leasing brand. For cars such as Toyota Corolla,
    Honda CR-V, or Nissan Murano, a comparable Hyundai is often cheaper with
    more features at a given trim level.

  • Hyundai has 7 credit tiers and they don’t beat you up too bad. If you’re
    having trouble leasing other brands on this site, give Hyundai a try!

The key disadvantage to HMF is that lease transfers are not allowed, but again
with low to realistic residuals, this is typically not an issue if you want out
of it…

Any Questions? Post here! Know what car you want? Ready to drive off in your new
Hyundai Electric, Gas, or Hybrid vehicle? Text 551 – 204 – 8712!

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Do you have a dealer in NY that you work with? If so the PHEV would qualify for an $1,100 point of sale rebate for an NY resident too.

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I do! However, those particular PHEVs were at a dealer in NJ and are now sold out, all leased to NJ residents.

My current NY dealer partner is OFF Long Island. I’ve heard from customers that Long Island dealers can be harder to work with on Clean Pass Eligible vehicles because Clean Pass is a bigger deal on the island than everywhere else in the state. I’ve gotten a fair number of inquiries for both.

I’m planning a trip to LI next week to try and work something out, seeing the continued interest from LI zip codes.

For NY customers on LeaseHackr, where would you prefer to pick up your Hyundais sourced through me?

  • On Long Island
  • Not on Long Island

0 voters

Thank you for the feedback! I will be sure to include the $1100 rebate in ads targeting NY residents on PHEVs, and $2000 rebate on EVs, when sourced through a participating NY dealer.

Any deals for the Kona EV?

Andy - did you get my message. Looking for a 2020 Hyundai Tucson Ultimate trim. I’m located in NY.

Numbers have been updated for 2020 Ioniqs. Prices have gone down. NJ Residents get into the base for under $150/month and the Limited for under $199/month. Nothing else. No inceptions, no MSDs, no added fees, and my broker fee is canceled out by your BonusDrive rebate. A Self-Driving EV with Sunroof for this price gives Tesla a run for its money.

We are also blowing out 2020 Tuscons and Konas as the 2021s are arriving very soon. Get a Kona Ultimate (fully loaded, >$30k MSRP) for $332/mo including taxes, fees, driveoffs, and just your first payment due at signing for NJ Residents.

Text me at 551-204-8712 for a written quote.

Hi which is cheaper? Hyundai or i3?

Hyundai did not get the inventory shortage memo? I think I am adding the Ioniq to vhooloo’s labor day specials thread…

Hi Prakash,

I don’t offer BMW so someone may be able to beat it. But the current best deal I can find on i3 has a total lease cost of 5858, and this Hyundai Ioniq EV has a total lease cost of 5354. The Hyundai has 170 miles of EV range. BMW has 124 miles of EV range and then the “range extender” (motorcycle engine?) that can replenish another 76 miles. But I’m honestly not sure how that works or if your power is reduced for the last 70 miles. I’m assuming it requires oil changes and the Hyundai does not, which further reduces your cost.

See the below comparison

BMWs come with free maintenance, so it actually may be cheaper overall.

So does Hyundai. 3 years/36k miles on all 2020 Hyundais. Electric Hyundais, however, the only maintenance item is tire rotations during your lease term. And these tires are warrantied for 65k mile tread life by Michelin so the chances of needing to replace tires or brakes at the end is virtually none.

No oil changes is better than free oil changes, IMO, as there is still cost associated with your time in dropping off the car for service. And I believe BMW charges a penalty if you miss a service.

Hyundai Complimentary Maintenace Program details here: https://www.hyundaiusa.com/us/en/assurance/complimentary-maintenance

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RE: Limited
“$0 down, $289/month, receive $4250 rebate from NJ -or-”

289*36 = 10,404-4250 rebate = 6,154/36 = $171/mo. effective no?

Am I missing something? Much more attractive than the $199/mo. you stated.

Also, not a huge fan of the way you separated out the incentive in the calculator to make it look like a higher percent off MSRP. Think it’s more straightforward to keep it as the offered $10,250 lease cash incentive.

Hi, @Fuzzy_Robot

Looks like you spotted a typo. Apologies for that. The correct price for the Limited trim without the rebate rolled in is $317/month. The $289 was with an additional $1000 down. Then you get your $4250 back and you get the effective $199/month with either structuring option.

Regarding the calculator links, I don’t currently have a reliable way to access the dealer lease cash incentives, I have to calculate backwards from the monthly numbers that the dealers provide me. If you have a really good source for the lease cash, please message me and I can better structure my calculator links. The dealerships HATE the calculator from this site. They have like a visceral reaction when they see the yellow so I have to do a lot of back and forward. Thank you for keeping me honest! Transparency and ease of dealer experience remains my primary goal in all of this.

I’ve landed two deals on this site, a 2017 i3 and 2019 ioniq EV. Both were about same price

The i3 has the added benefit of the gas powered generator. Mostly driven on locals roads and car was great. No issues.
Idrive is great in my opinion, but it could have been that I was already used to using it in past cars . Back up camera quality is also much better in the i3.

The Hyundai doesn’t have the badge but if you’re going to be using the back seats often, this is the car to get. The suicide doors on i3 look cool but getting in and out is a hassle. The ioniq also feels safer at highway speeds. The thin motorcycle tires don’t instill a lot of confidence.

Edmunds forums for the current incentive details. Or even some of the dealers sites (Paramus Hyundai, Burns) list the lease cash incentive in pricing details.

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I have received some inquiries to know how this lease compares to the cheapest Tesla. The cheapest Tesla I can find is the Standard Range Plus Rear-Wheel Drive with 250 miles EPA Estimated Range. The Ioniq is rated at 170 EPA-estimated miles, so it’s 68% of the range.

Tesla’s leasing calculator is at https://www.tesla.com/support/tesla-leasing and the current numbers are showing $5566 DAS and 35 more payments of $371:

If we subtract the $5000 CHARGE UP NJ from The Tesla and do a 0 DAS, we get 36 equal payments of $376.42 for the Tesla. Compare to the $149 payments of the Ioniq, the Ioniq is 60% cheaper for NJ residents than the cheapest Tesla, or 40% of the overall cost of a Model 3 lease.