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So does Hyundai. 3 years/36k miles on all 2020 Hyundais. Electric Hyundais, however, the only maintenance item is tire rotations during your lease term. And these tires are warrantied for 65k mile tread life by Michelin so the chances of needing to replace tires or brakes at the end is virtually none.

No oil changes is better than free oil changes, IMO, as there is still cost associated with your time in dropping off the car for service. And I believe BMW charges a penalty if you miss a service.

Hyundai Complimentary Maintenace Program details here: https://www.hyundaiusa.com/us/en/assurance/complimentary-maintenance

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RE: Limited
“$0 down, $289/month, receive $4250 rebate from NJ -or-”

289*36 = 10,404-4250 rebate = 6,154/36 = $171/mo. effective no?

Am I missing something? Much more attractive than the $199/mo. you stated.

Also, not a huge fan of the way you separated out the incentive in the calculator to make it look like a higher percent off MSRP. Think it’s more straightforward to keep it as the offered $10,250 lease cash incentive.

Hi, @Fuzzy_Robot

Looks like you spotted a typo. Apologies for that. The correct price for the Limited trim without the rebate rolled in is $317/month. The $289 was with an additional $1000 down. Then you get your $4250 back and you get the effective $199/month with either structuring option.

Regarding the calculator links, I don’t currently have a reliable way to access the dealer lease cash incentives, I have to calculate backwards from the monthly numbers that the dealers provide me. If you have a really good source for the lease cash, please message me and I can better structure my calculator links. The dealerships HATE the calculator from this site. They have like a visceral reaction when they see the yellow so I have to do a lot of back and forward. Thank you for keeping me honest! Transparency and ease of dealer experience remains my primary goal in all of this.

I’ve landed two deals on this site, a 2017 i3 and 2019 ioniq EV. Both were about same price

The i3 has the added benefit of the gas powered generator. Mostly driven on locals roads and car was great. No issues.
Idrive is great in my opinion, but it could have been that I was already used to using it in past cars . Back up camera quality is also much better in the i3.

The Hyundai doesn’t have the badge but if you’re going to be using the back seats often, this is the car to get. The suicide doors on i3 look cool but getting in and out is a hassle. The ioniq also feels safer at highway speeds. The thin motorcycle tires don’t instill a lot of confidence.

Edmunds forums for the current incentive details. Or even some of the dealers sites (Paramus Hyundai, Burns) list the lease cash incentive in pricing details.

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I have received some inquiries to know how this lease compares to the cheapest Tesla. The cheapest Tesla I can find is the Standard Range Plus Rear-Wheel Drive with 250 miles EPA Estimated Range. The Ioniq is rated at 170 EPA-estimated miles, so it’s 68% of the range.

Tesla’s leasing calculator is at https://www.tesla.com/support/tesla-leasing and the current numbers are showing $5566 DAS and 35 more payments of $371:

If we subtract the $5000 CHARGE UP NJ from The Tesla and do a 0 DAS, we get 36 equal payments of $376.42 for the Tesla. Compare to the $149 payments of the Ioniq, the Ioniq is 60% cheaper for NJ residents than the cheapest Tesla, or 40% of the overall cost of a Model 3 lease.

Is there a Hyundai loyalty bonus? Also I got something in the mail about a settlement if I have lost faith in my Hyundai’s engine and trade it in for another Hyundai.

Either way, I’m interested.

Owners are eligible for a rebate of $500 to $2,000 if they decide to sell one of these vehicles after notice of the settlement and experiences an engine failure or fire, losses faith in the vehicle, and completes all other steps to qualify for the rebate, including the purchase of a replacement Hyundai or Kia vehicle and submission of a claim within 90 days of the incident.

Unfortunately there is only a Hyundai loyalty bonus on 2020 Sonatas if you have a previous year SONATA (Nameplate only) in the household.2019’s still carry a $1000 loyalty bonus. Turns out this is dead on Sonata too.

It sounds like the Theta-II Engine lawsuit money would be separate from these deals but I don’t think you would qualify in dealer. It’s probably that you’d have to register for afterwards in a mail-in-rebate.

For 2019 Hyundai Kona EVs, there is a $1k loyalty rebate on most models if you can still find any 2019.

I have some 2019 KONA EV LEFTOVERS that do qualify for the $1000 Hyundai loyalty. Programs end this month. First responder or Military (cannot combine those 2) would take another $500 off.

  • 2019 Kona EV Limited | ~$42k MSRP | NY Residents: $345 + TAX (based on your NY ZIP CODE) with just first payment due at signing after DRIVE CLEAN NY rebate effective in payment. $1k Hyundai Loyalty included must qualify at dealer. (2 left)
  • 2019 Kona EV Limited | ~$42k MSRP | NJ Residents: $279/month after just your CHARGE UP NJ rebate amount due at signing. $1k Hyundai Loyalty included must qualify at dealer. (1 Left). Sold Out.

I’m not sure the 2020 sonata has loyalty bonus, I asked the dealer I’m buying from and he said their wasn’t any … I own a 2019 sonata in my household

I think you may be right, actually. On https://www.edmunds.com/hyundai/sonata/2020/deals/ I don’t see it anymore.

On https://www.edmunds.com/hyundai/kona-electric/2019/deals/ I do see the loyalty still listed.

It must have been valid earlier this year, per https://www.carsdirect.com/deals-articles/hyundai-doubles-discounts-on-2020-venue-sonata, but is now pulled. Good catch. This is why loyalty/military/firstresponder/college are all MUST QUALIFY AT DEALER. I make a best effort to inform you on the incentives you qualify for but the dealer must review the most updated programs and your paperwork to make sure you qualify before anyone can guarantee you’ll get the rebate.


What are the 36/12 and 36/15 numbers? Morris County NJ

12k adds $10/mo to either trim. 15k adds a good bit more, figure 14 cents a mile versus the 20 cent overage they charge at the end. 15k is only really worth it if you’re sure you’ll use those miles.

PM’ed and texted you about Sonata Hybrids in NY area.

hoping o hear back, thanks

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A really great car that is surprisingly roomy and more of a car feel than something like a Bolt. The base variant (which this is) has radar cruise, lane keeping, wireless phone charging, two screens, variable drive modes. So, so much car for the money. Got bonus drive to offset Andy’s fee, the $4,250 check was confirmed just 24 hours later. Tagging cars with radar cruise and having LKA steer to follow is the most fun you can have for $159. If you’re on the fence, I’d jump on it.

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Circling back to add that the seats on the Hyundai are great compared to the alternative. I am 6’ 215 my wife is 5’9" and we felt strange sitting in the Bolt. There was plenty of headroom but the seats close together and there was a lack of a proper center console. The seats themselves did not cover the back of our deltoid muscles so one could “row” with arms while in place. The Hyundai comes with proper full width sedan seats.

I had a friend drive it around the block the other day and it was the first time that I was sitting in the passenger position. I looked over at him and made a mental note about how the cockpit was that of a standard sedan and not a narrow electric car. It feels airy and roomy. My wife chose the light grey interior which I feel helps to accentuate this.

Your perception of this car will depend on what you are getting out of to get into this. We were in an Equinox before this and generally prefer the CUV sitting position, that’s not a knock against the Ioniq but rather commentary about the practicality and form factor of a sedan.

Haven’t charged in three days (Bergen Co. to Coney Island and back; Bergen Co. to Yonkers and back and Edgewater to Weehawken and back to Bergen). I’m going to the park tonight with my kiddo and will plug in while we play. I greatly overestimated the amount of range anxiety.

Update 8/27. Out of PHEV Unicorns. Sorry. Out of most colors of Ioniq Limited. Still have most colors of Ioniq Base in most regions.

If an EV doesn’t work for you:

My cheapest gas CUV is the STICK-SHIFT 6 speed manual 2020 Hyundai Venue base models. $222/month for 36/10 + taxes and fees. Need an Automatic? Elantra for similar payments available; trims and colors may vary.

Looking for a fully loaded AWD CUV? 2020 Hyundai Kona Ultimate for $287 + taxes and fees for 36/10.

Update 9/2. Programs are still running on EVs for Labor Day Weekend. Please reach out soon if you’d like one. Must take delivery by 9/7. The $149/mo lease special lives on in MOST colors. Very very few “Limited” trims at $209 remaining, you can’t afford to be choosy on color on those.

I have some EV Ioniqs in NY for NY residents that can claim the $2k NY EV incentive as well.

Some 2020 Plug-in-Hybrid Limited Ioniqs in Stock. These are $2k down, including first payment, and 35 more payments of $329/month, with taxes/fees/registration included. Various colors available. Then eligible for a $750 NJ CHARGE UP credit for NJ residents. This is the variant of the Ioniq that most directly competes with a Toyota Prius Prime Advanced (which you don’t usually see lease specials on), takes regular gas, and goes 600+ miles on a tank of gas.

What would the numbers look like in the PA suburbs. I know that the information is out there for research but if you would provide it easily, I’d appreciate it.

Curious if this is a good deal
2020 Ioniq Hybrid SEL white
$294 down and $285 per month for 36 months …15k per year
Residual Value is $14,935

I asking for a quote on 18k miles and its $329 down and $320 a month …residual is $13890

What do you guys think??


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