Analyze my deal on 2019 Volvo S60 please

After A LOT of legwork and emailingl as many as 20 dealers I’ve found what I think to be a great deal, however it’s out of sate about a 5 hour drive back to NYC. Looking for input from the fellow hackers before I buy a plane tickers and fly to sign the deal.

2019 Volvo S60 T6 R-design.

MSRP: 58105
Sale Price: 44160 (24% off MSRP)
36 months
MF: 0.0006 (No MSDs)
Residual 55%
Sales tax where I live: 8.875

The car is not a loaner. It has 60 miles on it.

I’m being offered the following deal.
$436/month with taxes included
Due at signing: $ 436 (1st Month)
$ 995 (Acquisition/Bank fee)
$ 899 (Processing fee)
Total due at signing $ 2330

I’ve paid DMV fees and such before but never a processing fee and never this much but I think the overall deal with the ammount off MSRP is good.


This is a good deal do it.

Break out the incentives vs dealer discount so one can compare.

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Never discussed any of that. Just told him I wanted 24% off MSRP.

I dont qualify for Loyalty or USAA discount.

I have volvo A-plan but I think that’s capped at like 12% anyway…not sure it even matters.

How did you come up with 24% off? Hard to tell you how much meat is left on the bone without knowing what the discount actually is.

Everything look amazing until I read the Processing Fee. I managed 22% off in late August, 24% is great, factor in the Processing Fee and you are still at 22.5%.

Your calculation doesn’t match your monthly

The calc is coming in at $419, something isn’t adding up.

Is the processing fee the dealer fee plus a reg runner service fee?

Maybe 595 plus 300?

I’d never lose a great deal over a couple hundred bucks if you want the car and don’t have another option lined up.


Let me guess: it’s in VA, DC area. Dealer fees are around $699-799 though. Must be Fairfax Volvo?

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Why do all of this when you can get one from @Bostoncarconcierge?


If the 900 is dealer fee and reg/runner I think it’s reasonable

Yes, they will register the car in NY and refund me any difference.

I tried, he just didnt happen to have what I wanted color/option wise.

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Yup, VA, after some reading all the VA dealers seem to get away with these insane fees.

Indeed,thank you. I’ve went back to the dealer and counter offered. Told him if I was going to pay a high “processing fee” it would have to be a true 24% discount.

Let us know who you end up. Good Luck!

So the dealer and me are off about 18 bucks per month on the monthly payment…as pointed out above it should be around 418. His is 436. This is what he provided me as his numbers. Can anyone figure out where the disconnect may be?

First he told me the difference is that he may be taxing the 899 processing and 995 aquisition fee but clearly that cant be it as with my state’s tax rate that comes out to about $4.66 a month…not 18 difference in monthly.

Residual is showing 52% in their system, when I believe it should be about 55%. Theres also Add-ons of about 1,200 i would ask to see what it is.

Edited, didn’t see you were in NY

If you look at the bottom right looks like the adjusted residual of 55% is there. Also can please point out the $1200?

If you post your calculator link, we can help compare.

Here it is. Thanks in advance.