Am I getting a good deal on this 2018 loaner e300 4matic

Am i getting a good deal on this Benz 2018 E300 4matic loaner demo with 4132 miles and p3 package.Included is negative equity of $4500 and prepaid maintenance

What is the 6k of Dealer addons? 8k with 6k of dealer wax and other things isn’t a good discount especially for a loaner. You’re almost paying msrp for a loaner.

Sorry my bad that 6k is including my negative equity and prepaid maintenance plan.

Check value of your car at car max vroom, carvana. You should be able to push for a better discount on a loaner sedan. Should be atleast 15%-20%. They aren’t selling and dealers know it. If possible wait til end of the month? And you can also negotiate the prepaid maintenance down. That payment even with the negative equity is way too high. Also look into MSDs

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I thought the prepaid maintenance only added $10 or $15 a month and was residualized? Seems like a terrible deal since the DAS should be washing out your negative equity. I’d say they are crushing you on this deal, and by crushing you, they’re making all the money.

In NY they dont take security deposits and prepaid maintenance he said was $1500. Not sure what he said is true

Push back or find another dealer with loaners. Ask for 0 down and don’t mention trade in. Email all in the area. Will take some work to get a deal. Should still be able to get under 1% with your negative equity with the residual and the mf. Find a dealer that will email you a quote for a similar msrp and you should be able to get a 15-20% discount from somebody just via email.

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I don’t think the 3 year plan on a 36month would be residualized. I could be wrong. Also you should push back and accept it if they’ll take it for 800-1200$ at the very end.

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Awesome thank you so much for your reply…