Am I close to the right deal on a BMW 320? Any thoughts?

I am exploring this deal:

2016 BMW 320i Demo with 5k miles

MSRP: $41,000
Sale Price: $31,000
Terms: 36 X $225 (Tax included) 12k p/year
Amount due at start: $3,800 (including 7 MSD totaling $1750)- BMW Fee, dealer fee, 1st month, etc…

Money Factor: .00128

I know money factor should be .00088 with 7 MSD, but they are not willing to negotiate the money factor.

It is becoming harder to negotiate. To all the experts, is this the right deal? Should I put more or less money? What should I look for to negotiate?

In addition, I will need to ship the car to my state, so I will have to pay shipping. Any recommendation on a reliable and competitive shipper is highly appreciatted. Thanks to all.

I am new to leasing so don’t count on my opinion.

I am considering getting a 3 series like this one. Great deal, I will be happy if I can get a $40k car for this much.

Is $10k off MSRP common for demo 3 series? Do you know a great way to find demo cars? Do you know if other used cars are leasable as well? I noticed over a hundred used 2016 3 series in my area and most don’t appear to be demo cars.


Yes demo cars can be leased. They are advertised on dealers web site

Great job pecas. Its a great deal. If you dont do msd what is the mf?

What state are you in

will check with them

Base MF is .00137 so they are marking it up. but if the payment is 225 with tax id say thats fair.