Am I calculating this correctly?

Hey guys, trying to put together what I believe would be a fair deal for a 36mo/10k 19MY E-PACE 2.0P 5DR AWD R-Dynamic HSE P300.

Before I barge into the dealer, can you guys look at what I’ve gathered here and tell me if I made any mistakes?

Here is the car the w/ it’s options

Here is Edmunds TMV:

Here are the lease terms:
36 Months
$0 DAS (just first month and DMV)

Here is the calculator link:

Please note, I couldn’t find this exact model on edmunds forums to get RV or MF – so those 2 numbers may be off.

So, the real question is do you think it’s reasonable for me to walk in and ask for this car $663/mo w/ only first month and DMV due at signing?

I’ve been learning a ton from this forum, so thanks a lot in advance.

Can anyone lend insight here?

Honestly I stopped reading the first time when you said you didn’t know MF and RV.

It also appears all the fees are at calculator defaults. And no incentives?

Your selling price may be reasonable but if your calculator inputs aren’t accurate, obviously the output will be incorrect.

I’m still waiting on an Edmunds reply for MF and RV. I included the incentive in the sale price by mistake. I’ve moved it to tax incentives.

Are there insights you can lend beyond the information I’ve gathered? I realize changing the RV and MF will affect the price, that’ll work itself out once I get an Edmunds reply.

What’s your opinion on using Edmund TMV for this model, e.g, have you seen higher discounts? I can’t find much more information.


Start getting actual quotes and verify incentives mf through edmunds, shoot for 10% off before incentives. Post here, rinse and repeat

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10%, got it. Thanks for the input.

Yeah I have no idea about e-pace but 10% seems reasonable.

Neither do I but from what I’ve read about JLR, they aren’t exactly crushing it.

Updated calculator with MF and RV from Edmunds

Going to use this as a basis when comparing offers received. I’ll post back here with the offers, thank you.

Whenever I see the mf .00001, I think distressed merchandise or year end clearance time

I think MF of basically nothing is pretty typical for Jaguar and Infiniti. So yeah like you said, distressed merchandise.