Am I being Unrealistic-2020Escalade ESV lease quotes

Your calculations aren’t correct. No way the RV is the same for 39/48 months. Also, I thought you said the MF was closer to 7%?

65k msrp (no discount)
2k loyalty or conquest
RV 61%
Mf .00203

That msrp get you the luxury plus package and rear entertainment

Are you comparing to a comparable model? A Yukon XL with the same 6.2L engine starts at over $70k.

I’ve already acknowledged they are not the same. Just saying it’s an option instead of paying that much for an outdated vehicle. New Yukon is already 6 inches longer. Leasing an XL is a bad idea all around as it costs more and has a lower residual.

If you want people to give you feedback, do them the favor of posting (1) pics rotated correctly and (2) links to calculators rather than screenshots