Altima Lease Ending - Interesting situation

My Nissan Altima lease is ending in FEB 2017. I live in MN and just got offered a job in Florida.

It will cost me 800-1000 to ship the car to Florida. I will have to get new tabs and then it will be time to get a new car within 3 months.

Nissan has this lease pull ahead deals. Is there a way I can get a new lease, turn my old car in MN and pick up car in FL?

Or any other creative ideas from the hacker community to save me money on transportation and new tabs?

What part of Florida?

Fort Lauderdale In Florida

Ok, I was going to recommend Jenkins Nissan in Lakeland, but that’d be a bit of a drive for you.

I don’t think you necessarily have to get Florida registration if it’s just for a few months. Legally, yes you are supposed to, but I don’t see how it would be enforced. There are plenty of vehicles visiting that part of Florida from other states, so it’s not like yours will stand out.

Moving is hectic enough so you might not want to add to that by having to get a new car in the middle of it.

Could a buddy drive it down for you and get a cheap one way ticket home?

Not sure how Nissan works but other manufacturers allow you to ‘ground’ the car at any authorized dealership.

Can you explain what “ground” means?

take it to Carmax and see if you can sell it to them and lose less than the cost of shipping.

It makes no sense to ship the car down just to return it 3 mo later.

the only way i know of that you can potentially return a car in one place and pick it up in another is if the dealerships are affiliated, like Autonation for example, who own a whole bunch of dealerships. Probably unlikely to find a MN dealership who is part of a FL chain but maybe worth looking into.

Return it to the dealer. Porsche lets you return a leased car to any dealership. They call it ‘grounding the car’ when you give it back. They have pull ahead programs as well and during my last lease they said I could ‘ground the car’ at any dealership if I wanted to use the pull ahead program…