Alternatives to Volvo XC90 Mid Atlantic / New England

Lease on my xc90 3 row is ending. I’m looking for my next lease. Current least (signed 3 yrs ago) was 2500 down and I pay 620/month. Prices have obviously skyrocketed, so looking for something luxurious, that I can get a great deal on. I’m okay paying more than what I am currently, but want to keep it under $850/mo with approx 2500 down if possible.

Would be very interested in BMW x5, BMW x7, Audi Q7. What else would you suggest? Needs to be

  • top safety rating
  • luxurious interior (equal to or better than Volvo)
  • top safety features

Are there great deals to be had that I am missing on these (BMW, Audi) cars? Are there other cars that I am not thinking of?

Any other recommendations?


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