Alter leased car..want to install 2 inch receiver to pending Chevy Bolt

To carry my bicycles. I’ve seen folks tow with their Tesla, but not me with the bolt. lol
The hitch requires a 4x2 slot cut out of the lower valance of the bumper. Has anyone done this sort of mod, and what was the outcome? Forced to return to stock, or simply returned and dealer sold with the ‘upgrade’? (edit: first lease)

Maybe consider something like this?

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That’s the one…but from a comment/review, it looks like my cut-out dimensions were wrong: “Recommend a 7.5” deep round-topped cut-out 5" wide in the rear bumper plastic, instead of the 6" deep rectangular by 3" wide in the instructions step 7, but other than that the same instructions work."
(edit: read somewhere the cutout was 4x2…)

Is it possible to install it by removing the bumper first? I’ve been considering a tow hitch for my Gladiator and I know removing the bumper would save me from cutting it.

Yes…the YT vids should show the process in detail…it worked out great on my Jetta. Now that I think about it, maybe the Jetta was 4x2.

So are you gonna tell us about the Bolt deal?

Got a bottle of Johnnie walker ready? :laughing:

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Blue label, no less… :slight_smile:

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Not much to tell…sent out my desired quote to the 3 remainers (Watsonville has never responded to my web inquiry) and my most hopeful shot it down. Said he couldn’t get near that. Awaiting response from others. Thinking of expanding into Central Valley dealers, with the expectation of having to educate them on the Bay Area Incremental CCR to make a deal. /sigh