🇺🇸 ALN’s June Chevy Deals! We Buy Leases/Cars! $849 Tahoe in Stock! $42k Bolt EUV for $388 w T&Fs!

Do you have availability on Traverse LT Cloth?

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Any more Bolt deals?

No Bolts ATM.

Trailblazer Deal though
Trailblazer LT AWD
2% Off MSRP
$309 Per Month
$3500 Due at Signing Plus 1st

Looking for a good deal on a Silverado Trail Boss, 5.3L or 6.2L. Any deals available?

Depends what spec you’re looking for. Can do inbound units @msrp

What’s the residual and MF for a Silverado Trail Boss LT in 04240? Looking to lease 39 months, 10K miles per year, $0 down.

What type of monthly payment am I looking at if sale price is $60k?

you can add me on this list. I’m looking for a Silverado Trail Boss LT. 36/10.
Or GMC at4. Can lease or buy.

email nick@autoleaseninjas.com @MaineiacZ06 as well

Inbound Tahoe Deal

  • $65k MSRP
  • Options: LT Luxury Package & Bucket 2nd Row Seats
  • $847.92 Per Month
  • $4500 Due at Signing (All NJ T&Fs Included)
  • Term: 36/10k
  • Includes GM Lease Loyalty or Lease Conquest

are you guys still doing MSRP C8 corvette non-Z06 order ?

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Is this still available?

Yes - for vettes $999 fee, likely between a 6-12 month wait time. Has been relatively unpredictable.

No - but i have a somewhat similarly spec’d tahoe in blue that may be still available - email nick@autoleaseninjas.com