Ally Turn in Question

So I’m getting rid of my Tundra that was a crazy ally lease. Carvana offering me 39k and buyout is 40500. So not that bad. So I call ALLY and see what the payoff is, naturally they won’t give to me said dealer has to blah blah. So then I ask ok what is the turn in cost out of curiosity.

$80 she tells me. I’m like “it will cost me $80 to turn in even tho I have 12 payments of 290 remaining?”

Yes she says.

I repeatedly ask if she is 100% certain I can return my truck for $80 and there is no extra cost I would have added now or Later. Yes., $80 she told me over and over.

She said just return to any dealer and pay the $80.

How can this be? Seems way to good to be true lol. Any ideas?

Sounds like there is an $80 turn-in fee on top of the payments remaining.

Because yea, it certainly does seem too good to be true.

That’s what I said to the lady But she was like even tho there is 12 payments remaining. To turn in is still only 80$. And I was like plus my remaining payments right. And she said no, just the 80 and there is no Bill after you pay that

Give it a shot… idk… seems way too unlikely this will come to fruition.

I agree. I’m just going to accept the Carvana, pay the 2k. Peace of
Mind is worth it lol

It sounds like she was new and one screen was saying $80 and perhaps she didn’t know to look at screen 2 where it would be $80+, etc…I would call tomorrow, see if you can get a hold of a different CSR.

Out of curiousity do you just not drive it enough anymore or why do you want to get turn it in?

Dont go by that 1 person’s word. If you turn the car in and if Ally still bills you, you will be liable for the payments and you cannot get the car back. So call multiple times to confirm and check with the dealer to see if its true. It doesn’t seem realistic.

Called again and spoke to a “supervisor” who was about as clueless as the first person. She messed with something and then the turn in screen changed to 13,000$ lmao. She has no idea what happened and says that she knows that’s wrong but doesn’t know what to do lol.

Ally support is literally unbearable. Outsourced it sounds like and almost impossible to get anyone to talk to that knows anything but how to read a script :unamused:


I’m getting another car so I won’t be driving it , especially since it gets like 11mpg lol. So no point in paying the insurance to keep it around. Rather just get rid of it lol