Ally lease transfer freeze

Anyone have any insight into when they think ally will open up lease transfers again?

Last I time I spoke to them, they said the freeze was 90-120 days which of course they said could change. This was around the end of May.

Any definitive insight on this?

I call them pretty much every week … just got off the phone, of course they have “no idea” …

Someone I spoke to who was interested in my Giulia transfer said he “heard” it was going to be around 7/10 … I think it was related to when DMV was re-opening, but who knows … I’ll call again next week …

Yeah I got “I don’t know. Call back next month” :upside_down_face:

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Quick “update”: as I have my car listed on SL, I gave them a call to see if they know more about the Ally situation. The guy I spoke with told me they know “sometime next month”.

My guess/hope is that after Ally’s “payment deferral program” ends on 8/1, eventually they will start getting back up with transfers … but that’s all speculation at this point.


I am trying to get out of my Ally lease, they are a pain in the butt to deal with. They charge a dealership more to buy out the car rather than use my lower buyout price. Trying to swap instead but they are not allowing it right now! Frustrating!


I hear you … at least for me, the dealer price is the same as mine without the sales taxes. I’m talking about 3rd party dealer, as I didn’t even try to walk into a retail dealer (not looking to trade-in or anything.)

I also have a listing on SAL and thankfully my agent on SAL has been working with Ally for quite some time. She is also very frustrated and baffled with the whole situation. Ally is very frustrating as I keep getting conflicting information as to when they will reinstate the transfer program. Just 2 weeks ago I was able to get in touch with someone and told me flat out that the transfers were reinstated & that they will mail me the buyers application form. Fast forwards, now trying to get this transfer done with a serious buyer & Ally has frozen the program again. Very frustrating! My agent at SAL is asking me to be patient and they “anticipate” the program fully being reinstated by 2nd week of August. Lets hope that bit of info comes true.

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Definitely frustrating. Let us know if you hear anything!

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Thanks for the info @fairdeal87 this then aligns with what I heard, so let’s wait another week. I’ll definitely post here as soon as I hear anything. My SAL agent told me he’ll let me know right away (I told him I have 2 potential serious buyers) … fingers crossed everyone!

I wasn’t going to list on SAL until this passed. @Ronaldo7 Have you had deals you missed out on because of it or it’s been pretty quiet? Trying to gauge when I should make a listing

@JStrag3 it’s been pretty quiet, but it’s the first time I’m doing this, so I’m not sure how it should work on “normal” times. So far I had two interested buyers who I got in touch with from SAL, plus a couple of “Still available?” here on the forum but that’s about it.

Just spoke with Ally. Apparently things are back to normal and lease transfers are good to go.

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Really??? I am about to received Vroom’s Fedex today to sign the papers … maybe I can hold off!

Yes but have they moved off their archaic insistence in not allowing out of state transfers?

I just called Ally’s useless customer service … they said “no transfers” and they got angry!!! LOL I just can’t … I guess off to Vroom it goes, I really cannot deal with these people attitude and behavior, especially for someone who works in customer service …

P.S. I am not challenging Ally not wanting to transfer, it’s their business and they can absolutely do what they want as it’s not on our contract. I’m purely talking about their customer service … I was in a 3-way call the other day with Vroom and could barely understand anything the associate was saying.

@JStrag3 I called Swapalease and they confirmed they know nothing and still on freeze …

This is crazy. Literally just spoke with them

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Right?! I wonder if they give a specific answer based on state where the car is leased in, possibly certain models/brands? Mine is an Alfa Romeo and I live in NJ. What about you? Just curiosity at this point