Ally Lease Buyout

I did specifically tell the agent it was 3rd party buying service and that it was “like Carvana” I also called vroom and said if they had any issues with ally they said no. I will call ally tomorrow am to confirm though with a live agent vs online chat

I called this morning to speak with an agent and asked about selling to a 3rd party similar to carvana. I told them it was “vroom” and the lady said it’s fine as long as my account number is on the check and mailed to them its ok. so ymmv?

That’s a correct statement. The whole thing about your name on the check is what got me thinking.

were you able to get this resolved? also what state are you in?

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I never was able to get resolved. They were pretty adamant about them being a dealer and that the price seen in the online portal was only if I bought it myself. The payoff quote Vroom received directly was the 3rd party dealer quote.

I never spoke to dealer services but the customer service team was adamant there wasn’t going to be a change.

I just ended up eating the 2 payments and returning the car early (avoid double insurance with my new car). Annoyed but it seemed the only alternative was to buy the car directly from Ally and resell to Vroom. Too much uncertainty in that approach given the timing to get all documentation and potential for offer price to change.

Good luck - curious to hear if there’s been a policy change since I last explored this. They definitely never mentioned anything about it being OK as long as your name was referenced on the check

Im in Cali

To be clear… Ally will not give you the dealer payoff amount. You will only be able to see the retail consumer payoff amount.

They will definitely let you sell the car 3rd party there is just a good chance it won’t make sense to do so if the dealer payoff amount is significantly higher than the retail payoff amount (my situation)

You likely will not know if there is a big variance until Vroom reaches out to Ally (themselves) to request the payoff amount.

Yeah, it’s different and it has three different payoffs.

did you ultimately not move forward? I actually called the number someone listed for pay offs and pretended to be a dealer and they didnt ask for verification of any sorts lol. Just name and dealership I work at. I got the “retail quote to sell on lot” from Ally and it’s about $1k higher than my payoff shown on the website.

However they use RouteOne for dealers, and Vroom shows Routeone as the source with the payoff amount being the lower of the 2 amounts. So I guess I’ll have to gamble and see what happens. Ive read a few post of people saying Ally ended up taking the lower price…?

yea see my post above. I think I saw you post there are 3 types of pay offs. I got the dealer price to list it on their lot.

So hang on, you didn’t post that info earlier that they did pull the 3rd party is higher than consumer purchase bit.

Yea I called them just a few hours ago and pretended to be a dealer. It was higher. But again I’ve read other posts in the giant vroom thread that’s going on that they had the same but then randomly ally accepted the lower amount. Maybe it’s the way vroom is paying it off on your behalf that they accept it vs traditional dealer payoff ? Not sure. I think I might risk it and see

Update: Car was picked up by Vroom this morning. Headed to a local Manheim here in SoCal. Let’s see how the payment to Ally goes.

another data point: car picked up thursday 11/5, check overnighted to ally and received on 11/6 (friday)

this morning 11/9 my account shows payment received and processing.

Is there list of car brands that will charge a different buyout? Good to know before getting into a lease with that brand

Its about the bank not the brand

Any update so far?

its pending sale on vroom already. looks like someone is buying it. but yea 2-3 days later the payment cleared and my account has been in “unavailable” since then. it showed my November payment cancelled. I reached out to their CS via chat and they confirmed my account was closed and would send me paperwork showing I no longer own the car, but have yet to receive that…so not sure if it really is or not. Ive been checking every day to see if my account will say “closed” or something. Last week I proceeded with buying a new car.

This is great to know, since Vroom is quoting me 2.5k more than the Ally payoff of an Alfa lease.

I just sold my lease 2018 Grand Cherokee to AlGo in December. Long story short: the amount AlGO paid the dealership was $355 more than the dealer payoff quote (also confirmed via Ally’s portal after payoff was received by them). Ally did not refund me the surplus, but after numerous calls, they informed me that they applied this to “Personal Property Tax”. However, the PPT amount should be $155 , which still leaves a surplus of $200. Ally has since informed me my lease obligations have been satisfied and I don’t owe them anything. Isn’t Ally supposed to refund me the surplus of what the dealership paid vs the payoff? One of their reps informed me that the surplus never goes to the customer, but is refunded to the dealership. Does this make sense?