Ally Charging extra to sell car to dealer

Has anyone come across a similar situation. I’m trying to sell my leased Alfa Romeo to Carmax. When carmax calls Ally Financial to get payoff they are tacking on $1575 more than what they quoted me as the payoff. Carmax is saying there are extra fees if a leased car is sold to dealer. I can understand some extra fees but $1575 more is unfathomable to me. Anyone come across this? I sold a leased bmw & Honda before this didn’t happen with either.

Again, Ally has 3 payoffs

Dealer to Inventory
Dealer to Lessee
Lessee to Return


Certain lessors do that including Ally and VW. It’s their car and they can charge third parties whatever they want. The other option is for you to buy it and then resell it yourself, but there are tax implications there. Look up the Vroom, Carvana threads and you’ll see this has been discussed extensively. Good luck

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Search is your friend.

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This thread might help you. Search is your friend.

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This is just ridiculous really, at this point I wouldn’t mind buying the car outright from Ally & reselling it. I’m just worried about not getting the title fast enough to resell in California before sales taxes are due.

I will look into this, thanks for sharing

Yup, totally understand where you’re coming from. Two things to watch out for - how long it takes for you to receive title (with the lien signed off), and to confirm the buyer will accept a title that’s not in your name. IIRC, some buyers like Carvana requires the title to be in the seller’s name.

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In this situation, you are almost always better off trading the car in on a new vehicle exchange – but I presume you are trying to get rid of a vehicle and not replace?

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You are correct, I already bought another car. Was thinking of keeping the Alfa too but the dealership closed here it’s a nightmare to get any servicing done. Drove 90 miles one way to the nearest dealer for oil change. They charged me over $400. It’s just doesn’t make any sense from either financial or convenience perspective to keep the car at this point.

I wonder if there is any fast title transfer option available when I bought the Telluride in August it took a full month to get title from DMV here in Cali. So the options are not good so far. Im also wondering if I can get a private party to buy while I wait to get title

My man wtf you can go to the local jiffy lube for an oil change :man_shrugging::man_shrugging::man_shrugging::man_shrugging:

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Alfa Romeo; not exactly a Toyota Camry.

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I wish man, reached out to so many places. No one has the tool to reset after oil change.

VW did this to me and they added a lot more than $1500. They did not even called it extra fees, they just told me they calculate the payoff differently !

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Not sure how it works in California but I did that recently and once I receive the title from USBank I went to tag agency and transfer it to my name and receive the title same day

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Cal automotive added 3k “premium” on top of my buyout price if I were to sell it to the dealer.

The 10 day period starts when you receive the title, not when the leasing company sends it. So you should be fine.


Oh this really helps, thanks.

Ya’ll are lucky. On a whim I asked Ally how much I could buy my lease out for. 30,338. WOW, that’s great. Another payment goes through and now I owe like 29,700. For grins I go to Carmax (the are literally 1/4 mile from me). They offer 32… No brainer I am selling and getting a car I ave been eyeing. Carmax calls for their payoff and they are quoted 39,982. Over 10k more!!! WTH!!!