Has anyone looked into this? Read a WSJ article today about this. Curious what the money factor is for “used car leasing”. Thinking about buying a used RX350. If I can get a 2014 negotiated at a good price with a dealer or private sale-- wonder if I could then “lease” rather than buy for 2 or 3 years. Is there a HACK in this?

I’ve wondered about this option too. I think it did happen some time ago then went away, not sure why. Maybe the WSJ addressed it, I’ll have to look for the link. Seems to make sense, especially with higher end vehicles. You get a 2 or 3 year vehicle that has low miles, it’s already had 40% loss in value, lease it for another 24 months and that depreciation shouldn’t be too steep I wouldn’t think. You might want to add an extender warranty into the lease, but that might be costly. Interesting concept though.