Ally bank lease in AZ

So I’ve contacted a few dealers in the Phoenix area and none of them would give me a lease quote through ally for a 2020 Tacoma, even though Ally’s website lists them as a participating dealer. One guy even responded I don’t have access to ally RVs and MFs. Seems strange to me what do you guys think? Should I just go with a broker?

That’s entirely up to you. If you’re not willing to contact more dealers, pay the broker. If you are, keep sending emails out. Those are your 2 options.

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Check with @Cody_Carter
I believe his brother is in Arizona and was going to get setup with a dealer for Toyota.

Work in progress… hes a greenpea and is learning the ropes. Ill find out if they are using ally lease. A lot of times they might do the purchase with ally but not leasing

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For what it’s worth several Colorado dealers are listed on Ally’s website but not a single one I called said they do leases with Ally.
You need to ask a Sales Manager or Finance manager if they use Ally and you may need to push them even after they say no initially. I had one dealer tell me they can use them but refuse to do so due to issues dealing with Ally on various issues.

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Talked with my brother and they use Ally for purchase. (which means they could lease BUT the Desk said they don’t use Ally Lease). More like they just don’t know how. Almost impossible to change their mind typically,.

That’s what I’m thinking too either they don’t know how or it’s too much hassle for them.

Most were never trained or told about it so they don’t bother to learn new things

As @Mark_H knows, I’ve got a deal pending on an Ally lease in Colorado. I’m just waiting for the smoke to clear before I post the details. Have taken delivery but not posting until I’m sure the deal has funded.

The follow link is very handy

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Having trouble finding a dealer that will lease through Ally as well. They will finance through Ally but not leasing. One dealer said I needed to call Ally directly and start the lease. I don’t get why they won’t do it, it is a guaranteed sale.

Taco/Bolt combo for under $450/month?

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So, I have now been to three different Chevrolet dealerships looking to lease a Silverado through Ally. All three would not do a lease through Ally. Two said they could finance through Ally, but not lease. One said I had to call Ally myself to set up the lease. Does any of this make sense? All three dealers were in Ally’s dealer locator system. The last one even said over email…sure we lease through Ally. Get there and the finance guy won’t do it. How do I find dealers that will actually lease through Ally?

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Much of this was discussed in the other post you posted in

  • the Ally dealer locator might say a dealer works with Ally, but they finance and don’t lease
  • Ally has a reputation of being a PITA to work with
  • not all dealers are setup to send them lease deals
  • Not everyone at a particular dealership that sends lease deals to Ally is necessarily trained on how to do that. Your question was relayed through the sales person: they may not have known the answer and told you the wrong thing, they may have asked the finance manager working at that moment who knew how to do an ally lease and by the time you got there you got a different finance manager who didn’t know how to do it now how.

I understand that for whatever reason you want to lease through Ally, and you’re having difficulties finding someone who can help you. There are many many reasons why you’re running into this issue and unless someone has specifically dealt with a finance manager at a dealership and can recommend them to you, nobody can really give you a specific answer.

You can hire a broker, you can keep trying multiple dealerships until eventually you find one that will lease with Ally and happens to have a finance manager working that day that knows exactly how to do that.

When we say things like THE CAPTIVE - that is the only lender F&I at the dealer must 100% be competent to send a deal that will get funded. Any other finance or lease lenders are optional. Even if the dealership you go to works with Ally, and the finance manager is trained on exactly how to send them a lease contract, they are not required to do that by law or policy.


Got it. Just find it odd, it is basically a cash sale for the dealership since Ally is buying the car. Dealers must have trouble getting payment, who knows. Contacted another 5 local dealers today, no go on Ally leasing.

Why are you so set on Ally? Did you run the numbers on all 3 banks?

Well outside the captive, they want banks and leasing companies that either make them backend (rate markup), or that have different lending guidelines that make it easier to get deals approved/funded. Ally is notoriously a PITA, so if their guidelines aren’t more lax than any of their other lenders, and you are angling for a buy rate deal, it’s more aggravation for less commission, no?

You basically get all the advertised rebates as if you were buying out right. Lease through GM Financial you only get dealer cash and possibly conquest or loyalty. Ally has good RV, MF isn’t that great. But with the additional rebates, GM Financial isn’t even close to Ally lease payment. One dealer did USbank with all the retail rebates, but their RV was horrible(10% lower than Ally).

I get it they aren’t getting their sugar on top. It is simple for me, I just want the advertised discounted price on dealer website leased through Ally(zero negotiation needed really). I need to keep contacting more dealers, I know of GMC dealer who will do Ally leasing(but I prefer a SIlverado).

On certain vehicles, Ally has some stupid high residuals. For example, the 2020 Tacoma SR double cab 4WD is 88% for 39mo 10k/yr, that’s just silly.


That is true however they do make it up in interest. I’ve got the 2020 double cab sr right now,only $225. I’m only paying $2k ish in loss of value, but $6kish in interest. But still not complaining about that payment