Alfa Stelvio 19 TI AWD - dodgy deal...?


Are you married to the Stelvio? I’ve seen a lot of folks get Stelvio TI here on the forums for around 500 a month or under. Seems like you are having issues negotiating in your area.

Have you considered other vehicles with better lease programs? Hate to see someone spend so much money on a Stelvio.


X2 loaners are leasing well right now, depends on how much room you need though. Or maybe X1 although the program isn’t quite as good.


$500 with tax? On a 2019 and no cap cost reduction? My $620/month includes 10.25% tax, so pre-tax it’s $562.

The Stelvio drives unlike anything in the class. Thought about a Q5 but it’s both more expensive and nice but boring to drive. And I don’t want to pay for an SQ5. Nothing else in the segment really compels me. I’d rather just keep driving my '15 GTI.


Your Stelvio has a higher MSRP than most of the deals we’ve seen so it makes sense that the monthly is higher. I would say that a Stelvio at ~$650 (including drive off costs) is extremely close to SQ5 money (without MSDs), which has more HP, a much nicer interior and better tech. That’s based on what 2018 SQ5’s were going for in December, I don’t know if there are any left near you or what the lease numbers are.

From spending a while on this forum I’ve noticed that FCA vehicles tend not to lease that well in Cali, but Audi/BMW, etc tend to be cheaper than other states so that might be a factor.


Maybe that was the case at one time, but the quote I got from Ivan, who is a well-regarded Audi salesperson here was $715+tax or $788 with tax. And that’s without rolling in drive-offs.


Last Friday I got offered a '19 Stelvio Ti Sport for 560$ zero down tax included, first payment due at pick up.
MSRP 46290$, sales price after discount/rebate 41326$

Residual 52%, could not get the money factor, so I didn’t get it because could not figure out the calculator
10k miles per year

560$ seemed too much, I wanted to stay under 500$ tax included
They offered me at 499$ a Stelvio base ( 38k MSRP )

I believe 560$ on a 41k car is too much? is my first ever lease approach, I saw Stelvio’s in the forum below 500$, so I walked away :frowning:

SoCal, Alfa of Glendale


Quick update: I was able to upgrade to a Stelvio Ti Sport AWD, Nero, dual sunroofs, driver assistance, Nav and Harmon Kardon. MSRP is $53K. 36 months, 12K per year. $595 including my 10.25% tax. The finance cost is so low that I may roll in the drive-offs of $1,750.


That looks like a good deal on a high end Stelvio. If you get it post some pics in the Trophy Garage [ Photos ]

Did you check out the cost of ownership for 12k miles per year? I remember something about the 20k or 30k being expensive on the new Alfas, I can’t remember what it was though.


nice work. that’s kinda what i was hoping to get to (albeit 10/24, and at a slightly lower tax rate), but getting offers a couple of hundred dollars higher…!


I haven’t yet–ignorance can be bliss sometimes. LOL. I don’t normally lease as I have typically purchased but I have concerns about long-term reliability given Alfa’s history/DNA. I expect them to be high.


I got 2 offers from 2 dealers for '19 Stelvio Ti Sport 36/12. SoCal, Glendale and Santa Monica

MSRP $52690 - $540 including tax, $0 down, DAS is $20xx. from Glendale. They told me yesterday was last day for the deal.
MSRP $539xx - $575 including tax. $0 down, DAS is $2000 from Santa Monica. I think the deal is still available.


Stelvio deals are awful right now in SoCal. How much are they charging you for the bike rack? that is my plan in a few months.


IL dealers aren’t getting close to that. best i’ve been quoted is 650ish with much higher DAS. Frustrating!


The hitch is backordered, I’m told. I will deal with aftermarket. I picked up the car today. Of course it was pouring buckets!

Ti Sport in Montecarlo Blue with Chocolote/Brown interior
Nero package, driver assistance, dual-pan sunroof, and nav
MSRP = $52,690
Cap cost was $44,686
Only drive-offs ($1,750)
36-month/12K per year
$522/month pre-tax, $575/month including 10.25% tax


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Looks great, congrats!


Unless the carplay is that big of an issue for you, look at getting an 18 on the cheap. I just picked one up yesterday. 2018 Stelvio TI Sport with about every feature. MSRP of 53440. Got 12k a year, for 36 months. 2500 Due at signing 400 a month.


contact me and i’ll get you an Honest deal on a stelvio!


Im really sorry but actually its really bad deal…


Hi looking for a deal on a Ti Sport with a moon roof. I am in NJ. I do not care if its needs to be shipped. Beginning of the year seems like there are no deals to be had. Prefer a 24 month at 10K a year. But would do a 36.


i would take an 18. Still can use bluetooth for music and wife can look at waze and navigate lol. Where did you get it from? Thanks